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Elizabeth & Philip

If any of you have watched the recent drama called “The Crown” which I’m certain most of you have. Then you already know of the love story of Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip.

What Intrigues me about this specific story is it depicts how not only women make sacrifices for love, its men too.

This was explained when Philip in March 1947,  abandoned his Greek and Danish royal titles and adopted the surname Mountbatten (which was his mother’s surname). Straight after, he became a naturalised british subject.

Now Philip was a royal by blood and related to Elizabeth through Queen Victoria and King christian IX of Denmark, so it’s very apparent that he was not beneath her in status yet he removed his titles and his standing – for love.

It all began when Elizabeth was a tender age of 13. She met Philip in 1939 during her fathers tour of the royal naval college. The  Queen (Elizabeth’s mother at the time ) and Earl Mountbatten requested Philip to escort the Kings two daughters Elizabeth and Margaret around the college ( now if you’re getting confused let me clear things -Elizabeth our current queen had the same name as her mother) .

Eventually, in the summer of 1946, Philip asked the King for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The King granted his request, provided that any formal engagement be delayed until Elizabeth’s twenty-first birthday the following April.

Philip and Elizabeth were married in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey – it certainly was lavish and grand and they were perfect together.

Now, Elizabeth wanted her husband to carry on his job in the navy, which he adhered to. However this did not last long as in 1951, King George VI passed away leaving Philip to break the news to her and inform her that she was now the next Queen of England.

Philip felt immensely degraded when told his children could not have his surname. That too was stripped from him-his own children’s identity. He however followed the commands of the crown.

 “I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his children”

The queen questioned the prime minister and parliament concerning her children’s surname .

The then Prime Minister wrote in his diary :

‘The Queen only wishes (properly enough) to do something to please her husband – with whom she is desperately in love.

Philip adored being apart of the navy but now he had more responsibilities. To be by his wife’s side and tour the commonwealth.

There came much stress before the  coronation. Philip like every other subject was instructed to bow down in front of Elizabeth . He felt it humiliating that a husband bow down infront of his wife.  I mean he already had lost the titles he was born with and now this.


But once more he followed the rules and for his wife he walked up to her, stood, stared into her eyes and bowed down to the Queen. Now this scene in the crown was majestic. Truly it was . I recommend you all see it.


I’m not stating that Queen Elizabeth refused to make sacrifices because by God she did. She made choices that put strain and challenged her relationship with Philip. Yet look at them now? They are still soo in love and its immensley strong. The bond they have is beautiful .

A relationship should have compromises from both sides not just one and if it is meant to be, regardless of whatever hardships are thrown your way, you will remain by one another’s side ❤


My fav’s – Love you

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