Beauty and the Beast

Do I need to explain what this story is about? I think we all know this classic story but let me tell you all about this new movie – Oh it truly is fantastic .

The scene begins with an enchantress, disguised as an old beggar imploring the Prince (who is so full of himself and selfish) for shelter. She offers him a rose to which he laughs it off and shuns her away.

He’s pompous and immensely  arrogant hence the enchantress transforms him into a terrifying beast and inflicts a spell on the castle.

However, she leaves him with a mirror that lets him see events that he wishes, along with a rose. Now this rose is not like any other. As every petal falls a bit of his true self fades away with it. When the last petal shall fall, he shall remain a beast forever along with those who live in the castle( they will remain teapots, wardrobes & clocks – only this time they will not be talking like they are now).

The way this movie is brought to life is surreal, it really is magical and it flows so very beautifully. Each scene interconnected so brilliantly in perfect sync. Theres not the slightest bit missing.

Years later, in the village of Villeneuve, a beautiful young woman who is different from the others is seeking adventure. She wants more from life and certainly doesn’t want to marry Gaston ( a former solider) . Now Luke Evans was sheer brilliance. He looked soo sooo sooo much like Gaston I couldn’t believe it – honestly I think he actually is the real Gaston ( except he’s a darling in reality isn’t he) . I couldn’t bring myself to hate him (except when he punched Maurice who’s Belles father , that was awful).


When Maurice leaves the village to sell his music boxes, he comes across a castle (walks right in and eats some of the food on the table too ) after hearing little chip talk he runs for it :P. But wait ! He had to pluck one white rose for his daughter which draws the attention of  the Beast. He locks Maurice in his dungeon however the horse escapes and leads Belle back to the castle. Belle implores the beast to release her father , despite her Fathers pleas to leave she takes his place and is now the beast’s prisoner.

Belle is released by Lumiere, who was turned into a candelabra due to the curse.She is given a  grand room and is introduced to the household including Cogsworth (Mantel clock), Mrs Potts, Chip (Teapot & teacup), Maestro Cadenza (court composer) , Madame de Garderobe  (opera singer) and plumette (Household Helper).





Belle the strong bold girl she is wanders into the forbidden West Wing. When the Beast frightens her out into the forest, Belle encounters a pack of wolves. I love this scene. The beast comes from nowhere and  rescues Belle but he gets injured in the process. Belle is about to escape but she sees him lying there, he looks at her and she says you must try to stand – then she takes him back to the castle on her horse and tends to him ❤ . She learns of the Beast’s evil father and how his mother passed away.


Meanwhile, Maurice returns to the village but no one believes him- Gaston only goes for his own selfish gain.  Although some of the villagers defend Maurice, Gaston convinces the villagers to send him to the town’s insane asylum.

Now back at the castle when the beast learns of Belle’s love of books he shows her his library- oh this scene. When she walks in her face is amazed.

He asks her ” do you like it”?

she nods to which he says

“It’s yours” – OMG , HE IS SOOO CUTE !!

Then she starts to take a fancy to him – watch the clip below ❤


Theres another item that the enchantress left him – Waitt whattt? It’s a magical book that allows anyone to go anywhere they desire. Belle uses it to send the two to Paris where they enter a small house that Belle used to live in with her parents. She learns that her mother died from the plague. The beast then speaks to Lumiere and the others. He says :

“I said  we should have a dinner, I never knew she would say yes”

After the dance together ( I was literally jumping out of my seat in excitement – no jokes!) The Beast senses Belle missing her father and tells her to use the magic mirror to show him to her, but she reacts in terror when she sees the villagers assault him. Despite his fear she will never return he lets her go.

Someone asks Mrs Potts why he did that to which she responds “because he loves her” ohh ❤

 He lets her keep the mirror so she can remember him .. double awwww ❤

No one believes Belle so she asks the mirror to reveal the beast. To everyone’s horror they believe she is under some dark spell and head off to attack the beast.

Everyone in the castle prepares to fight back yet the beast (who is heartbroken) does nothing.Let me just say Lefou is hilarious and thank God he realises who to truly side with. Gaston shoots the beast and Belle runs to the castle whilst shouting out. The beast gets up and nearly killing Gaston he chooses to spare him (bad choice hun ) . Gaston shoots the Beast from a footbridge, then it crumbles and he falls to his death.

The beast says now It is his time to say Goodbye – I tell you I was holding  back the tears … Dear Lord.

The Beast soon dies in Belle’s arms and the enchanted staff all become still and lifeless 😦 That one scene where chip is in the air and is saved just before he is never able to speak again was devastating .. Agathe (the enchantress) enters the Beast’s room just as Belle confesses her love for the Beast. She turns the petals into enchanted dust and sends them to the Beast, slowly turning him back into a human, resurrecting him.

Belle and the Prince embrace while the rest of the staff turn back from objects into humans. Mrs. Potts and Chip are reunited with the local potter Jean, who is Mrs. Potts’ husband and Chip’s father. Belle dances with the Prince in the ballroom as everyone watches in delight and as she is now living contently with her new family.



(she asks the prince if he will ever grow a beard) !!

Every character was portrayed so beautifully and this movie was just sheer and utter brilliance. I adored it and shall go to see it again. In the meantime just watch these clips and hear these incredible songs – my God the cast have great voices !!!

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