13 Reasons Why

So this new show has become some sort of hype recently and I was like ok let me look into this and find out more. When I read the reviews I was immediately hooked. One because it displays how teenagers growing up deal with drama and bullying throughout highschool. This is a very important issue as a lot of children are victims of bullying, be it name calling, body shaming, your gender, your religion or racism. No matter what it is , it should be stopped. I for one know bullying is going to be there, it cannot completely fade away or disappear but something can be done to prevent such things that are portrayed in this drama from happening.

That is why I find the message very powerful as what this young girl experienced, happens daily around the world and it’s not just a drama that we watch and switch off, its someones life. So let me give you an insight to what it’s about without giving away many spoilers.

Clay Jensen a boy at Hannah’s school finds a box filled with cassette tapes that were dropped off  anonymously on his front doorstep. He plays the first one on his dad’s boombox, realising his recently deceased classmate, Hannah Baker, is doing the talking. Clay listens to the first tape, in which Hannah relates the experiences that triggered her to kill herself.

She starts by sharing the story of her and Justin Foley, who spread a salacious rumor that began her downward spiral.

Each tape has a story, be it rumours, be it bullying and this is reality because if you think about it people are experiencing this every single day. This occurs every minute of everyday for those at school, in the house and even as adults.

Theres 13 tapes and 13 parts to the story. Lets see what happens and why all of this led to Hannah taking drastic steps to make people aware of her suffering.

I really really hope that those who are bullies realise what they are doing and how much pain they inflict on others even if it is not physical. And maybe, just maybe next time they’re about to hurt someones feelings they might think again.


The link to the series is here and the trailer below.


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