Music <3

Hey, so I haven’t had much time as I’m in the middle of finals. Oh my God its soo soo hard I cannot explain plus the heat here is unreal. I look like deadpool I kid you not , I do .

So I opened YouTube and came across these two songs that I really really liked.

The first one is Machine Gun Kelly ft Hailee Steinfeld. I adore his voice it’s just .. it’s so amazing and when you hear it I’m sure you will like it too. The lyrics are very good and they actually make sense which I like . Because personally regardless of the language I really like googling the lyrics later on and seeing what the song is actually about (espesh with Bollywood songs 😛 ) .

I wrote this song as a message for help
On behalf of anybody findin’ their-self
I wrote this letter to numb your pain
‘Cause everyday I wake up, I’m feelin’ the same
I got issues just like you got issues

I been hurt, I seen the scar tissue

If I show you, would you run away?
Do I gotta hide ’em for you to wanna stay?
Do I, even need you? Should I leave you?
Do I, gotta be you, just to please you?
Do I, say I’m all good, when I bleed you
Through my, heart? Quit tearin’ mine apart

I love that bit. It has soo many meanings to it. Learn to accept people the way they are ❤



My second is another one with a strong meaning. For all of those who have seen 13 reasons why, it had a deep impact on me and I heard this song “only you” by Selena Gomez and it’s so beautiful. It makes us realise how someone might seem ok but in reality they aren’t. That scene where Clay’s face appears and he’s looking at Hannah .. I love it soo much. I wish we had more people like Clay in the world . Truly .

Looking from a window above
It’s like a story of love
Can you hear me?
Came back only yesterday
I’m moving farther away
Want you near me

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you

Sometimes when I think of her name
When it’s only a game
And I need you
Listen to the words that you say
It’s getting harder to stay
When I see you


Lets hope that someone who is experiencing what Hannah did can have a different ending than hers ! One where they are saved !

 Love your Prin ❤

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