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Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Yevgeny Yevtushenko was a Russian poet. I thought I would share one of his poems as he passed away this month at the age of 83.

I’m An Angel .

I’ve stopped drinking.
I love my wife.
My own wife- I insist on this.
Living so like an angel,
I almost quote Shchipachev.
This is a shriveled life.
I’ve shut my eyes to all other women.
My shoulders feel peculiar.
Aha! Wings must be sprouting!
This makes me anxious. Moody.
And the wings keep sprouting-what a nuisance!
How awkward!
Now I’ll have to slit
my jacket in appropriate places.
A true angel,
I bear life no grudge
for all its cruel hurts.
I’m a true angel. But I still smoke.
I’m the smoking type.
To be an angel is strange work.
Pure spirit. Not an ounce of flesh.
And the women pass by.
A true angel, what good to them am I!
I don’t count for the present,
not while I hold celestial rank,
but-bear in mind-in this life,
a fallen angel is the worst devil of all!

Now there can be many interpretations to this. My take on it is that he feels he has to act like or has become an angel in his eyes since marrying his wife. It’s a little funny really because he states ” I shut my eyes to other women” … LOL . Now is this because his wife told him to or he chose to? Well we will never know but hey, changes must be made in marriage from both ends so lets hope his wife is an angel too 😛

But wait a fallen angel .. well dam someone has become naughty 😛 – I like this poem a lot!

9 thoughts on “Yevgeny Yevtushenko

    1. Thank you soo much . How amazing is Russian poetry I’m so glad to have been able to come across it. It’s just perfect ! I find the poems that had been written during the Russian revolution so deep because of what happened to Tsar Nicholas .. do you feel the same way?

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      1. Hey Prin! Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you’re right, it was a horrible period in Russian history. For Tsar Nicholas and his family, but also for a lot of people. Reading poetry from that period really brings it to life. I particularly like Pasternak’s poetry. Have you read any?

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      2. yess I have read some of his poems such as White Night, Unique Days and A dream. You are so very right that period in Russia was tragic. What gets to me is that Tsar Nicholas stated he was not ready for all of that responsibility and then for the children to suffer, they truly committed one of the most heinous crimes !

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      3. Oh yes, I saw your blog post about the architecture. Like you I have never been, but would love to visit one day.
        It must be even more impressive in real life!

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