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Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli & Giacomo Quarenghi

I adore architecture such as beautiful cathedrals, churches, mosques, palaces and castles and these two men have to be my favourite architects. Mainly because they planned and constructed the Winter palace. Now for me the Winter Palace is a dream. I one day (hopefully) shall visit it and when I do I’ll probably cry. I know but I truly cannot help it. The sheer magnificence of the structure and the colours and rooms is extraordinary. Plus the way  its been thought out with intricate details everywhere makes it even more special. So below is a little bit about the architects and their work.

Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1716 moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia with his father who was an italian sculptor . He dreamt of following the life of art wishing to combine the latest Italian architectural fashion with traditions of the Muscovite Baroque style ( a fusion of traditional Russian architecture with baroque style which is basically roman like, those buildings during the renaissance type of thing).

So here are my favourite pictures of his work.

Now Giacomo Quarenghi for me is an inspiration. He was called ugly and stout by people and basically ridiculed. Yet he had a gift that others desired, which was his extraordinary skill of creating buildings that you would have to stand and stare at for quite some time. He was born to a nobel Italian family and was destined by his parents for a career in law or the church but initially was allowed to study painting in the Bergamo studio of G. Reggi.His work in Italy and for English clients formed enough of a reputation that in 1779 he was selected by the Prussian-born count Rieffenstein, who had been commissioned by Catherine II of Russia  to send her two Italian architects to replace her French ones ( oh dearie ).

I adore how he defied following the path that he never dreamed of and he became what he truly wanted to be. Also, how he proved to people that looks are not everything it’s actually what you achieve.

Love you ❤

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