The White Princess

Apparently this series is the sequel to the White Queen. If you all remember the White Queen was about the war of the roses. It’s between the house of York and house of Lancaster. Now the White Princess is also based on Philippa Gregory’s book with the same name.

This depicts the life of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII ( my man henry VIII’s father). So it should be interesting as we see the rise to power, the throne, wars and marriages full of manipulation. All for one kingdom.

I’ve seen episodes 1-4 and here are my thoughts.

Well Richard III has been defeated at the Battle of Bosworth and Henry Tudor is now the new King of England. In order for there to be peace between the Yorks and the Tudors he is betrothed to Elizabeth (of York). He is weary and apprehensive about marrying her, not only because she was Richard’s lover but because she hates him and Lizzie’s mother is plotting to kill him – oh what a joyous couple they shall be 😛 .

So, Henry is having none of it. He tells Lizzie she has to get pregnant with his heir before he commits to marriage. She is literally fuming.

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Anyways moving on, later , Lizzie shares the news she is having a baby and hence they prepare the wedding. She still doesn’t like henry one bit but you see him glancing at her, you clearly do. He likes her ❤ ..

So then, Lizzie encourages Henry to visit York whilst he is touring around the country. Henry survives an assassination attempt by Yorkist Francis Lovell and suspects his wife. However, Lizzie informs him it was her mothers doing and that she does not wish him dead. Hmm do I see her getting feelings for henry ?

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Lizzie gives birth to a beautiful baby boy named Arthur. Now Henry seems to be listening to her more as she has given him an heir. (Finally)

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No hun , you’re perfect ❤

The Queen mother is really jealous. She is literally a monster in law. She locks Lizzie’s mother into the tower and near the very beginning Lizzie’S cousin Teddy Plantagenet is also imprisoned.

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Now what I found immensely cruel was that he was only a boy. I understand there was some sort of uprising and riots claiming he was the next lawful king, but please . As if young Teddy could raise an army he is literally younger than 10 years old . Gods sake Henry!

Teddy’s sister pleads to release her little brother but just as Henry is swaying towards setting him free his horrid mother plots for him to be sent to the tower once more. Hate hate hate her for that.

I love this show. So far it has been brilliant as I adore history . The way it runs so smoothly from one scene and plot to another makes it easy to understand and follow. The dresses are stunning and I love the actors – espesh henry ❤ 😛 .

Now lets wait for ep 5 … I see something happening between Henry and Lizzie, for sure there is a spark. Theres one scene where Lizzie says to him ” what have they done to us” . which I found  quite powerful yet beautiful. She’s right! Their parents have made them their puppets.

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Telling them how to make each move with the worst thing being they couldn’t even choose the one they loved. Alas that was the ultimate sacrifice of a royal back then – to give up their freedom 😦 .

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There is so much jealousy and rivalry its alarming really. I mean Lizzie’s own sister is a little two-faced – well quite two faced.

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Also, the fact that there’s this union, this bond that’s made through marriage yet Henry decides to throw his wife’s mother, cousins and many other relatives into the tower which is absurd.

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Now now Henry I didn’t mean it like that. I know you were under immense pressure!

Do watch the series and tell me your views . Love your Prin







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