Versailles season 2

So if you are all up to date you will know whats happening in season two .However, if you have no clue whatsoever then here is a link to my last post about the series . It will fill you in on everything you did not know .. clickie here ❤ .

So this is what occurred in the first three episodes of season two :

Louis’ son has finally been saved by one of his loyal men and brought back to the palace. Meanwhile the king is very “loyal” to his mistress Marquise de Montespan you can tell the queen is disliking it – who wouldn’t. I just don’t understand how and why they need mistresses, why can’t they just live with one woman? I’m fuming – anyways my rants over.

So, Philippe is far away enjoying his life whilst his lover Chevalier is in exile. There has been some sort of plot at the palace and one of the men in council dies whilst splattering blood all over the official documents.


As the cousin and his “mistress” are enjoying the beginning of a play at a theatre where Philippe happens to be, he is disturbed by his trusted man Fabian informing of there being a poisoning ( he literally is about to eat something but Louis spits it out).


Louis : And what do you do when your enemies fortune rise when their fields blossom?

Fabian : poison their well.

Louis : drip by drip , you take all that is nourishing them and you pollute and defile it with venom.

Rohan an old friend of the king is in a lot of trouble ! Like A LOT!

Louis is still sleepwalking and he nearly has a chandelier fall ontop of him. The bishop informs Louis that he needs to stop committing sin to which he responds quite harshly.


In the meantime Louis, his mistress and his queen ( whom I think is absolutely stunning) are trying to find a match for Phillipe.

Queen : I wonder if we could let Phillipe marry for love.

King Louis : Marriage is not for love.

Me: ohhh Louis babe, you are soo wrong!

Chevalier is back. Can I just say. I don’t like their lifestyle. I don’t like the pompous parties and the way they are almost always drunk and high on cocaine type powders. I feel there needs to be more than just that. There should be parties where people are not lying all over the floors drunk and it should  be going into the gardens for walks and reading and there’s just so much more to life … urghh, I just wish that could be depicted as life is not just alcohol and acting soo immature! Sorry .

The king suddenly has a passion to perform in front of others which does not go well .. at all :’) .

He arrives at Versailles.. finally

Louis has a daughter with his mistress.


Chevalier is becoming increasingly jealous of Phillippe’s wife.


I liked season one more to be honest but lets see .. roll on ep 4

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