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Nikolay Gumilyov

Nikolay Gumilev was an influential Russian poet, literary critic, traveler, and military officer.


Agamemnon’s Warrior

A queer and fearful question is tight,
Oppresses my soul and tosses:
Can one be alive if Atreus has died —
Has died on a bed of roses.

All that we dreamed of and everywhere praised,
All our longing and fear —
Were fully reflected in those calm eyes,
As were in a glass of a tear.

Ineffable power dwelt in his hands,
A saga of feet was retold;
A beautiful cloud he was for his land
Mycenae — the country of gold.

What am I? A fragment of ancient dread,
A javelin, fallen on earth —
Atreus, the leader of nations, is dead, —
But I have been spared by death.

The down is full with reproachful flame,
The waters enticingly sing,
It’s hard to exist with the horrible shame,
If one had forfeited one’s king.

What I adore about poetry is that you can interpret it in any way or form that pleases you. It’s all about bringing together different views and opinion. I believe that this poem is reflecting power and riches. Yet whats ironic is that this man had everything in the palm of his hands yet he could not defeat death. It consumed him and even though he was a ruler of a nation and presided over many, he had no control in saving himself. Do share what you feel the poems are about. I would love to know.

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5 thoughts on “Nikolay Gumilyov

  1. Can one be alive if Atreus has died? I feel that that is the main question. But the poem is called Agamemnon’s Warrior. And Agamemnon is the son of Atreus. Of course Agamemnon was a leader in the Trojan war. It puzzles me tremendously! I’m currently reading The Iliad, so perhaps I will find the answer there. Will let you know:-)

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    1. yes please do let me know. Oh I love how you have pointed this out because I don’t know too much about the Trojan war except what was in the movie troy. You’ve made it sound soo much more interesting and now it has another side to the poem xx

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