Viceroys House

Now everyone in Pakistan and India have heard numerous stories and tales from their elders of how a country split into two along with the pain, suffering and willpower of the people. If you want a deeper insight as to why this decision was made I suggest you watch this movie.


A viceroy was a regal official who ran a country, colony, city, province, or sub-national state, in the name of and as the representative of the monarch of the territory.



So here’s what the movie is all about:

A beautiful shot of pre partitioned India is depicted along with many workers in the house of the viceroy, there’s a scene where they are all dusting & cleaning pictures of previous gentleman who were in charge & were ruling India.


The last of these viceroys is Lord Mountbatten now who’s heard that name before eh?

Well, a young enthusiastic full of life ex policeman named Jheet Kumar (from a village in Lahore ohh my Lahore ❤ )  has been assigned to look after the personal affairs of Lord Mountbatten.

“Yes sir, Mountbatten Saab is a great man”

Whilst walking around the great house, Jheet encounters Alia a Muslim girl whose father Jheet knew in a jail in Lahore.


When Lord Mountbatten arrives in a carriage with lady Mountbatten a parade is in place – this is exactly the feel of a movie that I adore. There’s this not so ancient yet vintage touch to the film which makes it ever more believable . We know these events occurred but this justifies it and its a legitimate thing that happened not as long ago as we would imagine.


Now when you watch Lord Mountbatten enter the Viceroy’s house you will not be able to look away. The sheer magnificence of the hall, surrounded by the “inside help” all looking down at their new owner & leader. I most certainly had a pensive look on my face as if is this truly the treatment they were given? It was so stunning I had to watch this bit twice.


2 1/2 million Indians volunteered to fight in the war against Hitler , amongst them were Hindus, Sikhs, Punjabis, Pathans & Bengalis ! I am soo proud of our people and culture. The more I am watching this movie the  more I revere the honour, pride & strength they all had !

There’s more to this tale than just the partition – Jheet a Hindu boy is in love with Alia a Muslim girl, yes its a little like the desi version of Romeo and Juliet. He tried to forget her for two whole years, but sadly love leaves an imprint doesn’t it and I’m afraid he couldn’t let her go.


“better to be close to power & watch , than to agitate against it”


Churchill called this the worst job in the world.


Hats off to Gurinder Chadha who picked fantastic actors who nailed the accents and the characteristics of Nehru, Mountbatten & Jinnah. Learning historical things along the way where one doesn’t feel they are sitting In a boring history lesson. There’s a little reference to lord Mountbatten’s uncle who is tsar Nicholas II of Russia – I wont lie to you all but my heart missed a beat when I saw the picture.

Many people including Mountbatten insisted on India remaining united .However, Jinnah stood firm with his reluctance. There’s this strain displayed amongst the workers at the viceroys house when Gandhi states that they should let Jinnah form the all India Muslim league.




We realise what a trying time this was for the civilians of India – The viceroy states that everything is to be divided 80-20 . There’s this moment in the movie where the Viceroys helpers are dividing the cutlery 8 boxes to India & 2 to Pakistan. Musical instruments , paintings, money. Although both countries are content now with the separation looking back it must have been severe to see your country divided right infront of your eyes. Being displaced from your home & watching everything change right infront of you. The burning hatred in patriotic Hindus against Muslim’s – it so difficult to comprehend I cannot imagine.

Jheet & Alia – I don’t want to tell you what happens but the storyline is beautiful, I’m certain you all will take a fancy to it 🙂

The partition of India led to the largest mass migration in human history.

14 million people were displaced.


Before I finish this post, I just want to share that my grandmother was alive during the division of India & Pakistan and I am blessed to have heard her stories. Luckily for her she travelled by plane but others did not have the same fate. Her brother fought in the war & my own grandfather and his brothers had to dress up as Sikhs with turbans on the train to deceive those into thinking that they were not Muslim. There were eight children, travelling , each child was given a traditional Sikh name and they had to memorise it along with some scriptures of that religion. When the Sikhs raided the cabin with machete’s they questioned them and believed them not to be Muslim’s. Mind-blowing what our grandparents went through for independence . Love you guys – thank you for your inspiring stories & without your courage Pakistan  wouldn’t have come into existence .

God bless everyone in Pakistan & all those in India. I really hope one day we brush the hatred aside and accept each other – after all our cultures, language and food is nearly the same. What a beautiful movie. I cried ❤ . Do watch the trailer below.


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