Ed Sheeran – Perfect. INNA & Niall Horan

Hey everyone, I thought it best that I switch from history & poetry in this post and add a bit of music that I took a fancy to. So here are some songs that I like. However my favourite song is the first one which is literally living up to its name – ” Perfect” . For me Ed Sheeran has some brilliant tunes and this is a slow song ( I love slow songs, I mean I like fast songs too but this song is so cute) . So enjoy the videos and tell what you think.

The song by INNA is quirky and upbeat. The video aint really my thing lol like wt actual hell is going on? – Hey I guess everyone’s having a good time eh. I aint ever been to a party like that (does that mean im boring – hell no come meet me and see 😛 ) . It’s definitely a tune i’ll listen to whilst driving ! So have a listen and tell me what you think.


Plus the last song is for those girls who are crazy about 1D lol . I’m not a huge fan of 1D  – don’t get me wrong I do love some songs but I’m not one to start crying or collapsing on the floor If I heard it ( some people do that , and that’s great lol) .


Oerrr hold on – there’s one more song I found – why hadn’t I ever heard this before ?? Its super sweet ❤ !!


Ed sheeran is still the best pick for me – Dear Future husband whoever you are, if you don’t play this to me I will be heartbroken . LOL ❤


Thanks sweetie !


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