“Its just an Illusion” – Lets go back to the 80’s !

Hey guys, so lets keep this post short yet sweet. Basically I was talking to my friend the other day & we randomly just brought up music from the 80’s, 90’s etc .. And BAM – we both liked the same song which was pretty awesome. So I wanted to share a few tunes including the amazing ” Just an illusion by imagination” – I’ve been listening to this on repeat. Plus they also shared this awesome remix of Cyndi Lauper’s ” Girls just want to have fun” . Yep its one of those songs you need to put on when driving – thank you to my friend for sharing this tune its fabulous – vraiment !!  So have a listen & tell me what you think 🙂 .



It’s just an illusion … ahhhhh 😛



Oh dear Lord



Yep she’s getting ready to go out and have some fun 🙂


I think Pink Floyd another brick in the wall is 1979 but hey let it off . Hey teachers leave us kids alone 😛



Our lovely Madonna – how can we ever miss this lady ! Btw what the actual hell was she doing with that mans hair at the end? ( VOM) anyways ..



Last how can we forget Michael Jackson ? Beast !



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