King Arthur – Legend of the sword (2017)

Hey everyone so a friend requested I do a review on King Arthur the movie so here it is. Basically, it’s a fantasy film directed by one of my favourite British film makers – Guy Ritchie. Now if you’ve watched the movie “snatch” ( with Brad Pitt who plays a gypsy fighter) or Sherlock Holmes ( with the well-known Robert Downey Jr) then you’ll get the gist of this movie.

It’s based on King Arthur – a legendary leader who led the british into war and fought off the saxon invaders. Now there’s a lot of folklore & tales that have explained this ancient story in a more dramatic, mystical way.

It begins with the opening battle scene. Uther Pendragon the king of Camelot ( Eric Bana always manages to play a royal doesn’t he 😛 ) yields the sword that has powers others look to with reverence. Their castle has now nearly been taken over by mage’s (magic wielding wizards) who wish to take over mankind. Reluctant to give away his beloved Camelot he fights the Warlock, beheading him.

Uther’s treacherous brother Vortigern (Jude law) seeks more power. Immense jealousy towards his brother gets the better of him, consuming all his hate and envy he wants to destroy his brother through any means possible. To achieve such dark power he must sacrifice the one thing he holds dear – his wife. Now pardon my impertinence but what on earth were you thinking Vortigern ! I’m absolutely livid – you insolent little rat, I mean she was your wife and you did that!

– so then he transforms into this demon Knight and kills his brother’s wife along with Uther. Their young son Arthur manages to escape and the sword is lost.


Uff tauba, I don’t like scary stuff .

Arthur’s boat stops at Londinium ( now London, oh how I miss thee ❤ ) and he’s raised by women who are seen to be erm how do I say it ? Less respected in society? Do you understand what type of women I’m referring to?

Growing up on the streets makes Arthur strong, and smart. Able to fight off any who come in his way, making a living through means that are not considered proper, but hey one has survive.. right?


Alright, calm down now.

So then, the brothel where he grew up in is raided by Vortigern’s men “the blacklegs”. Arthur as usual is the one who is to blame for some trouble caused hence tries to escape. However, luck is not on his side as he’s captured & tossed onto a ship with hundreds of other men. The destination is Camelot where each man tests whether he can pull a sword out from a stone.

Now what I love about Guy Ritchie’s movies is the way the scenes are pre planned. What do I mean by this? Have you ever watched Sherlock Holmes where Robert Downey Jr takes a moment to consider what his actions outcome would be. The way the scene is panned out and then he goes ahead with it. That is a typical Guy Ritchie signature scene in his movies and I adore it. Arthur causally pulls the sword out of the stone ( cameo appearance from David Beckham too which gives it a real olden days british feel ). Once again he’s captured, this time informed that he is of royal lineage – bless the soul he’s certainly had a tough few days hasn’t he.


Just as Arthur is to be beheaded. A mage ( one who follows Merlin) comes to his rescue. Returning to Bedivere’s ( former general of Uther) hideout they contrive a plan to defeat Vortigen.


Now I would go on forever if I wrote in detail so let me briefly tell you what happens next. Arthur unleashes Excalibur’s full strength, managing to kill many of his enemies. He is ashamed of what he has done as some of his own comrades are killed because of his plan. Theres a scene where he feels like giving up and throws his sword into the lake – only for it to be returned to him with a vision of how the world would be destroyed if he does nothing.

Returning to fight Vortigen (who is becoming weak) has only one hope that could defeat Arthur. To transform into the Demon Knight once more. Sacrificing his daughter he has one last chance ( what an absolute cretin! Stabbing his own daughter, then crying. I’m sure they were crocodile tears you vile human being!

Theres this intense fight off , I enjoyed it I must say. The CGI was great and the movement, effects and scenes were on point. It reminded me a little of the movie 300 with Gerard butler.


As we all thought , yes he slays Vortigern ( God bless him) and becomes the new King of Camelot. The ending is pretty rad . I’ll tell you why.

Those few close men who fought with him enter the great hall where Arthur is building something ( for those who know of this tale you would spot it straight away and realise exactly what it is). They seem confused until he reveals that it is a table for them all to sit at together. They bend the knee and arise as knights ,hence the tales of King Arthur & his knights begin !!!




Hope you enjoyed my review my lovelies & if there is any other movie you want me to watch and write about do let me know ❤ – trailer is below 🙂



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