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Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine is one of my favourite poets along with Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe, Shakespeare,the Bronte sisters & Yevgeny Yevtushenko !! Oh my poet list goes on and on so, read this and enjoy.

P.s I have been in love with Germany since forever and Heinrich is German hence the title of this poem is one you wont understand 😛 . But it’s truly stunning.

Buch Der Lieder: Lyrisches Intermezzo: ‘Es liegt der heisse Sommer’

“It’s the hot summer”

There lies the heat of summer

On your cheek’s lovely art:

There lies the cold of winter

Within your little heart.

That will change, beloved,

The end not as the start!

Winter on your cheek then,

Summer in your heart.

Do you know what I feel this is about? A change in emotions, how in summer they feel cold? Has something occurred in their life that makes them upset. “That will change, beloved, the end not as the start” – is Heinrich depicting that his/her sadness or tragedy is finally coming to an end? The pain that had begun is slowly fading. The poem concludes with “summer in your heart” – insinuating he/she will be happy once more. The winter in their heart is now slowly changing to brighter things, delineated by the word “summer”.

I love you Heinrich Heine

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