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Karl Friedrich Schinkel


Schinkel ( how cute is that name – schinkel come here dearie ) – was born in Brandenburg. Tragedy hit him at an early age when his father passed away in the Neuruppin fire (1787) , I believe he was only 6 at the time. He was under the tutelage of architect Friedrich Gilly. Get this, Not only was he an architect but an exceptional painter – creating a  backdrop for  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s  ( Mozart come on now I’m fangurling a tad bit )  opera The Magic Flute.

So here’s something I discovered, basically Schinkel changed Berlin:

After Napoleon’s defeat, Schinkel oversaw the Prussian Building Commission. In this position, he was not only responsible for reshaping the still relatively unspectacular city of Berlin into a representative capital for Prussia, but also oversaw projects in the expanded Prussian territories from the Rhineland in the west to Königsberg in the east, such as New Altstadt Church.


Neue Wache

King Frederick William III of Prussia ordered the construction of the Neue Wache as a guardhouse for the Königliches Palais (Royal Palace), which was his palace across the road.  Schinkel was called upon as he was the one expert in Neoclassical architecture. This was Schinkel’s first major commission in Berlin. The Neue Wache was inaugurated in 1818 on the official visit of Tsar Alexander I of Russia.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but was this building bombed during World War II? Because I found this.


Konzerthaus Berlin

Once again Neo- Classical. The main auditorium, is white & gold which makes it absolutely exquisite. There’s an organ, I love organs -74 organ stops and a total of 5,811 organ pipes.

Sheer elegance , take me!
Work of art


Stolzenfels Castle



The Gendarmenmarkt is a square in Berlin, and the site of the Konzerthaus, the French Cathedral and German Cathedrals. The centre of the Gendarmenmarkt is crowned by a statue of Germany’s poet Friedrich Schiller. It’s the heart of the Christmas markets ❤ ❤

French cathedral – C’est magnifique

Would someone like to travel to Germany avec moi? S’il vous plait?



Friedrichswerder Church




 Just look at how realistic these paintings are. Unimaginable

Medieval Town by Water

Roch Arch

File:Karl Friedrich Schinkel - The Gate in the Rocks - WGA20999.jpg


Indifference to the fine arts comes close to barbarism.
Karl Friedrich Schinkel

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