The Young Karl Marx (2017)

For those of you into movies with subtitles, something a little informative – this is the movie for you. This explains the emergence of the proletariat & how this word came into being.

I’ve always found the emergence of communism fascinating – don’t get me wrong I’m no theorist neither have immense knowledge in the matter, it’s just something that I read about every now and then.


This movie had been on my list to watch since last year, a few months ago it was released and I managed to find one with subtitles as it’s in German. Again a lover of Germany I became evermore excited.

For those who prefer more action stop right here.. This film is not for you as its more about talk. Debates take place, you see how these men fight for the rights of the underprivileged.


you might have heard of the name Friedrich Engels? Yes, one of the most renown sociologist who published his book with Marx of ” The condition of the working class in England” based on those living mainly in Liverpool & Manchester during the industrial revolution.

You see this energetic man, bursting with ideas along with indignation. He doesn’t want to see change , he wants to MAKE that change. Karl Marx is in dire poverty just making ends meet. With luck he encounters  Friedrich Engels. Imagine that, to bump into this man who will aid you in changing the mind-set of so many human beings. At first glance Friedrich is seen as a rich son of a mill owner, looking smart & dandy in the best of attires. But there’s something about Friedrich’s mind-set that sets Marx’ brain alight and that is they both are fighting for the working class.


Pierre Proudhon whom you might have heard of if you study sociology is another man whose ideas Marx adapted and formed into theories which in turn brought about a revolution.

I see you baby 

There were parts in the movie that I felt I could fast forward maybe by a minute or so but I was quite glued to the screen as it’s so interesting to see how this man who is so well-known came into being. He suffered at the hands of the bourgeoisie, himself he was in poverty yet he connected with a man who pitied the proletariat. The sheer determination and efforts put in by these two men along with the “League of the Just” – which later become the communist league I think is incredible. These men helped change the views of those who felt they could never rise in the social, economical and educational strata.


So I think its worth a watch, could be a bit boring for those who like a random punch scene here and there but it reveals the life story of two incredible men, whose theories really shine a light towards what’s truly important in life.


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