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Food, Food , Food

I haven’t done a food post in quite some time , so this entails literally everywhere I’ve been in the past 3 weeks – yep I was finally free this month hence  decided to make up for all the times I couldn’t meet up with friends.

Here goes…

So Ayesha was like “oh M, I want to try rice bowl”. Now I’m not a huge fan of Chinese food ( ye .. bite me) . Although, I like a few things so I went to Mall 1 which is my favourite place and we tried :

Fish in dragon fire sauce – It’s soo spicy !

Beef chilli dry – Always been a fav of mine.

Yep that’s Ayesha’s hand when she was telling me off for taking a pic of her when she wasn’t ready :’)


Crispy beef – this is a little sweet so for those who do not like sweet food, I wouldn’t recommend it but I absolutely LOVED it !


Crispy chicken – I think its coated in batter or something and again its a little sweet 🙂

Manchurian chicken – not amazing , it’s just ok but it’s basically chicken in red sauce, one you find at all restaurants.


So you have an option of rice or noodles or halfy half – I prefer the rice. If anyone has tried orange chicken please let me know how that tastes because I am super-duper fussy when it comes to food – you know when you’re starving, you order something which is just not top-notch, yep I have a mood off for quite sometime so best to know beforehand.. ya? 😛

Wahayy Arnold
My friend zozo mixed everything together the absolute meff – this is why I adore my besties, they’re so unique 😛


Then my twitter friend was like have you tried BYOB? Now me being a burger fanatic was like ohh ok lemme go and check it out. So I basically forced my bestie zozo to sit outside in the smog at Mall 1 once again and we made our own burger which was pretty cool . Basically you get handed this sheet with options, you tick everything you want. I got the brioche bread, one patty with onions and mushrooms I think. It’s decent – maybe 7.5/10 . For me I don’t know why but I’m in love with Hardees superstar burger, literally I could eat that everyday till the day I die ..

Bless that bun

So then a few days later we all decided to venture out ending up at zouk. I’ve come here quite a few times as no doubt its fresh and hygienic ! ( I love the music too so) .

So I ordered the Polo chicken.  I’ll give it a 8 /10. Love me some cheese ❤


Then we got the turkey sandwich – it was good not amazing but just ok.


Zoe ordered some spicy pasta which was actually really nice – I managed to nab some from her and I don’t even like spicy food .


Then Khadija got the ohh I can’t remember I think it’s the Roma chicken, its cheesy so something with that name in it.

Bless that little piece of veg in the 2nd pic that ruins the whole look ❤

The drinks at Zouk are yum. There’s this blue lemonade I can’t remember.. wait I think its blue dove then there’s pinacolada which is fantastic !


How can one say no to dessert? I mean I can’t because I eat enough for 3 maybe even 4 people 😛 so we went to Sweet affairs  I reckon they know my order by heart – Ferrero Rocher molten lava cake . Zo tried this sundae with Oreo & snickers ice cream which was actually really good. You know that chemically sweetened chocolate taste in desserts, it didn’t have that so its worth a try! Plus their molten lava is pretty great too!




Then comes another day at Rinas. The smashburger was fab, probably 8.5/10 ❤ ( do you see how ive added that .5 lol) . And if you have not blessed your palette with a Nutella caramel pastry please go and grace your stomach with it – you wont regret it. Il put up another pic of the normal cheeseburger that my friend had 🙂

Smash Burger



Am i going to crop that black strap? Hell no .. enjoy the pic sweeties ❤


I hope you enjoyed reading and if there’s any restaurants you want me to visit let me know!

Love your Prin


Beautiful Lahore ❤


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