Howards end

I’m sure you have all heard of  E. M Forster. He was an absolutely brilliant writer of books along with plays. So recently BBC made a drama adaptation of this novel , let me give you an insight:

Theres three main families who reside in England at the beginning of the 20th century.

Theres the Schlegel siblings who are Helen, Margaret and Tibby. Now these children have inheritance left by their parents hence they are extremely wealthy & are part of the “elites”. They’re also half German.


Similarly the Wilcox’s are rich capitalists with most of their fortune made in the colonies.

At last there’s the Basts, Leonard & Jacky; a young couple in dire poverty, from a lower-class background.

That’s Leonard bless the soul.

The Schlegels & the Wilcox’s, met when both were holidaying in Germany. Helen not long after visits the Wilcox’s at their house – Howard’s End.  Parlez-moi, what is a novel without romance eh? She becomes attracted to Paul their youngest son & soon they’re engaged. It’s all done spontaneously, in a hurry hence the quicker it began the sooner it ended. The engagement is broken off and Helen returns home.

London I miss you soo much ❤


Now what I adored was this one scene where the Schlegel’s are watching an orchestra perform and it’s just simply beautiful ( love these things you see) . Anyways you see the way Leonard sneaks glances at Helen, she rushes off with his umbrella and that is how the families become acquainted with one another.

Later that year, the Wilcox’s move to London, living not far from the Schlegel’s’ home. Margaret Schlegel befriends the Wilcox matriarch, Ruth.  Ruth invites Margaret to Howard’s End however, because of what happened with her sister Helen she declines not knowing Ruth is gravely ill.  On her deathbed, Ruth writes a note bequeathing Howard’s End to Margaret; when the widowed Henry Wilcox reads this note he becomes quite anxious. Henry and his children burn the note without telling Margaret about her inheritance.

A few years later, Henry Wilcox & Margaret Schlegel become friends. As their friendship blossoms into romance , Henry proposes to Margaret who accepts (oerrrrr).  Henry’s children dislike the idea of their father marrying Margaret even though she is financially stable &  very independent. H & M ( can I call them that instead of the repetitive name writing ) do have very distinct personalities, I mean Margaret is so bold and honest along with headstrong whilst Henry is rigid & stern, also very stubborn!

All  are apprehensive about this marriage  inevitably Margaret has more right to inherit Howard’s End.

Leonard Bast is in a relationship with Jacky although they are not married. Now Jackie is quite a troubled lady and we find out that it’s because she was the mistress of Henry Wilcox ( but this was 10 years back) . Margaret forgives Henry for not informing her of this.


It’s alright Henry

So, then after a family event at the Wilcox’s where Helen rudely interrupted , Leonard, Jacky and Helen end up at a hotel. Theres this click between Leonard & Helen…. something happens ( if you can understand) and basically Helen moves away. she becomes distant from her family. Margaret plays a trick on Helen in order for her to return to Howard’s End. It’s then revealed that she is actually pregnant.

Oh we love a cup of tea ( Well I don’t but still)

Howards End: 01x02 ↳ ‘You do have a nice way of taking the poetry out of everything…’

There she is – couldn’t hide that bump for long could you Helen

Leonard bursts into the scene as he wants to speak to Helen about what had occurred, ending up in an awful fight with Charles Wilcox. Leonard grabs onto a bookcase that in turn falls on top of him . He tragically passes away from heart failure.

At the end we see Helen with her child living happily with Margaret by her side. Henry finally sees that there is more to life and softens up a little ( Thank God) . His son Charles is sent to prison for manslaughter and Leonard Bast’s son with Helen is set to inherit Howard’s End from the Wilcox family, making some amends for the tragedy.



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