The Crown Season two Ep 1- 5

So, lets carry on from where we left off.

It’s 1957, Elizabeth and Philip argue about their marriage and where it’s heading  (they’re onboard the HMY Britannia

There’s this flashback to around five months earlier, where Philip has his departure from the United Kingdom for his royal tour aboard the Britannia. They were happier then. Look at this .


Cheeky 😛


Quite a heartbreaking scene where Elizabeth is leaving a note & gift for Philip in his bag where she notices a picture of a prima ballerina suspecting he’s having an affair </3 . That literally made me teary.



Some talks of military intervention goes on as there’s gossip of Egypt nationalising the Suez Canal. Philips uncle Mountbatten intervenes elucidating to Elizabeth that it’s all apart of a secret plan to overthrow the leader of Egypt Nasser. Elizabeth approves of the plan and goes to watch Ulanova ( the ballerina whom she suspects in having an affair with Philip) perform at the Royal Opera House . It’s an incredibly striking scene when both Elizabeth & the ballerina’s eyes meet. You see the pain as she forces a smile then refuses to meet her backstage.

The following episode entails Eden withdrawing the troops from Egypt claiming he is moving to Jamaica as he needs to be somewhere more sunny for his health ( which is in decline). It’s around december 1956.



Much is revealed in this episode regarding Elizabeth, Philip, Eileen Parker & Michael’s relationships. For Elizabeth all she wants is loyalty however, it seems Philip is enjoying a fair deal on his tour. I don’t know if the rumours are 100% true but if he did have affairs then that is inconceivably outrageous.


Theres’ two scenes that stuck out for me, one where Lilbet (im going to call her that 😛 ) is giving her christmas speech straight after Philip had given his – there was a strong subliminal message in that speech where she stated “Your family is waiting for you” .


The second scene was when Lilibet made a unannounced visit to Eileen Parkers house, pleading that she wait a while for the divorce proceedings.


Now the reply from Eileen was , well it was disconcerting wasnt it, But I loved how she spoke her mind regardless of the Queen of England’s request. She said something along the lines of .. Our families have suffered enough under your duty” and I was like YES – GO EILEEN.

So then there’s a bit of a kerfuffle when Eden returns from Jamaica. Macmillan takes the role of Prime Minister as Eden steps down himself , Lord bless him.

Although the press take great advantage of this, inciting chaos in the country regarding Philip & Lilibet’s marriage.

Did everyone see that look in Philips eyes? That deep resentment when he said that his son Charles outranked him? He demanded respect and let me tell you something – he got what he wanted, becoming “His Royal Highness the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on 22nd February 1957.


Moving on, Margaret still remembers Townsend at times and tbh that breaks ones heart doesn’t it? The thought that she found it immensely difficult to move on. Billy Wallace randomly proposes to Margaret who unbelievably accepts only to break off the engagement the day it is to be announced because in all honesty he is an absolute rotten cretin.

I like how she met the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones . And then they meet again and it gets cosy lol but not tooo cosy bless the soul. Now we are all anticipating the picture to be something a little daring and it is, that eager wait to see the image is what I adored about this episode because it’s not revealed till the very end – its smashing I tell you !


Finally Happy




Lord Altrincham, a magazine editor, sparks outrage after writing an article that makes slanderous remarks about our Lilbet. News circulates regarding abolishing the monarchy.

That’s all for now folks – will get back to you when I watch the rest . Plus do watch Victoria Christmas special, I still need to too – I’m soo behind.

Love Prin


I believe this is the real picture




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