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Wounds – Poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

I have been wounded so often and so painfully,
dragging my way home at the merest crawl,
impaled not only by malicious tongues-
one can be wounded even by a petal.

And I myself have wounded-quite unwittingly-
with casual tenderness while passing by,
and later someone felt the pain,
it was like walking barefoot over the ice.

So why do I step upon the ruins
of those most near and dear to me,
I, who can be so simply and so sharply wounded
and can wound others with such deadly ease?


What a poem. Many subliminal messages along with metaphors which are simply brilliant. It’s true how we don’t pause for a moment to reflect how our words effected & hurt others. This is depicted through the words impaled by malicious tongues – WOW.

See how a word pierced through someone, in turn damaging them quite severely. It’s not just us who get hurt but we intentionally & unintentionally injure other people’s personalities, pride, ego & emotions. I find this poem so powerful & one that we can learn from – please be careful what you say to others. Take a few seconds to understand how this will affect another – and be kind. Spread love, not hate.



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