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Urban Kitchen

Hey guys, so there’s a new restaurant in Lahore appelé “Urban Kitchen” 😛urban kitchen

Anyways, as you are all well aware, I’m a fussy eater – like no jokes. So as I sit there, checking out the menu, there’s some quirky options .. I mean the starters names such as put a ring on it or cracker of a toast.. C’est tres chic… Vrai? The poutine fries are a must. If you’re not familiar with poutine it’s basically cheese curds topped with a brown gravy (go for it.. seriously) !


Image result for poutine gif

Image may contain: food

Then I tried the ultimate Mac & cheese with beef bacon, Sana had the Spaghetti ala Bolognese & my other friend tried the butter chicken along with the urban club sandwich I think –  correct me if I’m wrong.

FINALLY, cheese that doesn’t taste like plastic – Hallelujah . Since relocating back to pak (don’t get me wrong I adore Pakistan but) the cheese is a little off aint it? Hence after trying this place I was made up.


Mac & Cheese. Les belles pâtes !



Image result for mac and cheese gif
Yep that’s right sweetie!







I think you know what this is mes chers



Butter Chicken – Lovely traditional dish



Image result for curry eating gif

Aww bless



Another pic of fries .. Love me some fries!


I’ll root for more pics of dishes that my friends tried because the lazy lemons forgot to take pictures before eating  the other day 😛

Also menu’s below. Do go and check it out & tell me what you think. Mais pour moi, Je l’adore !


urban kitchen



Ohh & do try the beef stroganoff – consisting of sautéed pieces of beef served in a sauce with Smetana ( sour cream).. It’s so ohh la laaaa & its Russian. I love everything Russian 🙂 – urgh why don’t I have a pic of the best dish 😥 .


urban kitchen
Thank you to however took this pic ❤




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Image may contain: text

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