New Tunes <3

As you are all aware I love African music. Like A LOT.  And German music, un peu de francais aussi. Oh & how can I forget violin & orchestral music <3. So below are some new tunes and old that I think you will love.


1 – Putzgrilla x Kranium – Be Happy

This is sooo quirky, I Love!



2 – HRDY – Cruel Summer feat. Malvina

I adore this song from the karate kid so its back & revamped…..Cruel summer, leaving me here on my own, now you’re gone… you’re not the only one – WOOOOO :p


3 – Who loves belly dancing?? Here you go mes chers ❤


4 – Akcent is back… Reea feat. Akcent – Rain. Love when the female singer comes into the song. Brilliant ❤


5 – Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B


Image result

6 –  OMG this yodeling kid..he’s singing this relationship song & it’s so cute because he’s so small :’) .. His voice is FAB tho ❤ … I wanna be famous for lovingggg you!



Image result for mason ramsey famous for loving you gif

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