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World Cup 2018 – Spain V Portugal

So this is one of those times that we football fans look forward to. The world cup!

It started off pretty dull though didn’t it. I mean Russia, then we had Egypt. Well done Iran though bless you. Then Uruguay – what was wrong with Suarez. And not to mention Lionel Messi missed… let me reiterate MISSED so many opportunities to score.

Then came the match, THE BLIMMING MATCH that brought the world cup to life.

Spain V Portugal.

WOW. So, Ronaldo was up against many of his teammates back at Madrid. Nacho tossed Ronny aside which led to a penalty and BAM – in the fourth min he had put Portugal in the lead. It wasn’t too long before¬†Diego Costa smashed a goal to equalise with Portugal but it wasn’t De Gea’s day was it? He let another goal slip from Ronaldo and once more they were one up.


Now a little after half time Costa made sure Spain were not going down without a fight. This was a match to remember, trust me – go and see the highlights. It was intense and full of life. The crowd was animated and roaring. Honestly I thought I was going to have a heart attack just watching.




So Nacho seemed to make up for the penalty he had offered to Ronaldo earlier by shooting one into the back of the net.


Just when we believed it was a loss for Portugal, Ronaldo got another penalty and like always – he didn’t miss did he, the lad with the golden boots.

He literally smashed Spains chance of winning. Ronaldo is something else, hey maybe he is the son of Zeus or something?

Ohh and I really think Guedes is fantastic, I never knew about him prior to the world cup. Bless the soul.



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