There was a relationship that all in Russia knew of before Nicholas became the last Tsar. A controversial story of a Crown Prince & a Prima ballerina. Was this a platonic love? Or more? How did it begin & finish. This is the movie that explains it all.

Mathilde was Prima ballerina of the Imperial theatre.

She was 17 and he 22. Known as a custom to attend the Royal Imperial theatre at St.Petersburg, the Tsars along with other nobility enjoyed their evenings observing the delicate moves & dances of the most talented ballerinas known to the world.

Trained from ages as young as 3 or 4 these ladies knew how to move each & every limb to the notes of Tchaikovsky or Mozart, what an exquisite sight. No wonder many of the royals ended up with scandalous news circulating around top social gatherings of the famous city, rumours of one duke purchasing a house for a ballerina whilst the other had secretly eloped.


Nikolai’s father insisted to Mathilde she be seated next to her son at a royal dinner. Their eyes met then things sparked from there.

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Now this movie is based on real facts although more… “contentious” details have been added to the original story, so it goes a little like this:

A torn Mathilde runs into a church where Nicky is ready to place a crown on his empress’ head. The scene flashes back to when Mathilde was younger in her school for ballet, I like how there’s fleeting scenes, flickering from one moment to another. Suddenly we are transported back to when Nicky first set eyes on Mathilde performing marvelously on stage.

There’s blatant rivalry between other ballerinas as one tricks Mathilde into thinking she is warning her the heir has arrived, yet she does a little more damage than expected. Luckily for Mathilde she accepts the error with grace flaunting her dances like a swan. It’s these stunning sights of the magnificent performers that reminds me of ballet, I truly wish I never left it. There’s something magical about it, wouldn’t you agree?

Mathilde overpowered with trepidation is introduced formally to Prince Nicky’s father the Tsar along with mother (who’s not as pleased) – why are traditional mothers like this? Anyways unbeknown to her, the Tsar already had a keen liking towards the petite dancer.

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Their time together is not for long as the future empress Alexandra Feodorovna emerges into the picture. She has these sharp features along with fine lips & flawless porcelain skin. Her eyes are icey blue with a tint of green – not so bright blue as Nicky’s. Here’s where things are different to reality. There’s a love triangle delineated as Nicky has chosen Mathilde. I know as a fact that in one of Tsar Nicholas’ letters he had written how he had two loves yet one was platonic ( or became platonic which was with Mathilde) & the other was intense love and longing which was for Alix. In truth if you have read into the Romanovs you can distinguish the loves between the two ladies & he felt something stronger & much deeper for Alix. He had loved her since she was 12 so its only natural he chose her. However, I do like the twist in this movie. The rivalry alongwith competition between the two ladies to win over the heir to the throne is challenging. Let me say its pretty epic when Alix & Mathilde come face to face, both completely different beauties yet none less than the other – WOW!

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Near the end the prima ballerina’s are to perform a coronation dance for the Future Tsarina & Tsar. Mathilde insists it be her whilst others feel the situation would become tense for all the royal family. Her coach states she can perform if she will be able to do 32 fouettes –  let me elucidate 😛

Alix is not eager is she!

“Fouetté” is French for “whipped,” and it’s that whiplash motion of the raised leg that gives the turn its brilliance. That quick up-and-down of the ballerina’s foot sometimes sends her traveling downstage; but the ideal sequence of 32 fouettés never travels from a single spot.



As I review all my other movies, I wish not to tell you the ending because it’s rather different from the true story. A must watch. Lovely cast an I’m in LOVE with Mathilde – My goodness.

 One who finds history intriguing will truly enjoy this. Thanks for reading mes chers, trailer below 🙂

Au revoir ❤


“You’ll never love anyone else the way you love me”

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Кадр из фильма Матильда

14 thoughts on “Mathilde

  1. Very interesting. I got it on Prime. Haven’t watched the whole thing, yet, but hope to soon. I read the e-book by Helen Azar, of Mathilde’s diary. Very good. She was definitely the one who pursued Nicholas. I actually think his feelings for Mathilde, may have been close to those he felt for Alexandra. If Alexandra hadn’t agreed to marry her, Hi might have wanted to marry her. Which obviously would have caused problems.

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    1. I agree with you, I feel he was very close to Mathilde and she would’ve definitely been an option if Alix had refused. Also do read the Romanovs by Simon Sebag Montefiore which was absolutely brilliant. I shall have to get my hands on Helen Azar’s book too!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the response. Here’s the link for the e-book: Have you ever read read her memoirs? I’m wondering if Nicholas ever did love Mathilde? I read somewhere that even though Mathilde had affairs with two other Dukes, and married one of them, she never stopped loving Nicholas. I wonder if this was true? I heard they stayed friends? I wonder if she ever saw him after he became Tsar? Here’s another interesting article about Nicholas and Mathilde:

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      2. Thanks soo much, these seem so interesting. I have read some of the letters I believe. They probably did love eachother but I feel Nicholas adored alix more than anyone and anything, even more than Mathilde, he fought for alix but never for Mathilde. However, did they meet after he became Tsar, I don’t know. As friends maybe, because I feel Nicholas was truly loyal to Alix.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! I believe Nicholas was loyal to Alexandra as well. I have heard varying accounts. I just wonder how Mathlde felt when she learned of the brutal murders of Nicholas and his lovely family? Like I said, I read that Mathilde never stopped loving Nicholas, in spite of her affairs with two other grand dukes, and later marrying one of them. I wonder if this is true?

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  3. Did you read that article about Mathilde Kschessinska possibly having been pregnant with Nicholas’s child, but miscarrying? If this indeed was true, to bad she lost the child-their ancestors would be direct links to the Romanov Dynasty!

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