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The Mother by Robert William Service

Your children grow from you apart,
Afar and still afar;
And yet it should rejoice your heart
To see how glad they are;
In school and sport, in work and play,
And last, in wedded bliss
How others claim with joy to-day
The lips you used to kiss.

Your children distant will become,
And wide the gulf will grow;
The lips of loving will be dumb,
The trust you used to know
Will in another’s heart repose,
Another’s voice will cheer . . .
And you will fondle baby clothes
And brush away a tear.

But though you are estranged almost,
And often lost to view,
How you will see a little ghost
Who ran to cling to you!
Yet maybe children’s children will
Caress you with a smile . . .
Grandmother love will bless you still,–
Well, just a little while.


What a poignant message. Your love for your child is the deepest of all yet you have to learn to let them go. They must grow, make decisions of their own, fail & succeed. See how Robert delineates this through the words:

Your children distant will become,
And wide the gulf will grow”

It is understandable how it’s immensely difficult for parents especially mothers to let go of their children, observing how quickly they grow yet the poet gives the reader a glimmer of hope when stating that they will always have their grandchildren – In a way it’s as if they are watching their own children grow, a repeat in their timeline you could say.

Is this a wake up call informing us how quickly life passes by & acceptance of time along with life. One can never posses or even pause time. One can never stop themselves from ageing. Yet we must embrace it.

Enjoy each and every moment in your life & create beautiful memories along the way.

There is this famous quote by King henry VIII ( from the Tudors) that I literally know by heart, let me share:


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