To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

I heard of this cute movie from a friend & thought why not check it out.

Oh my days, MY type of film. I’ve been searching months for something like this. You know that “Mean Girls” vibe & the “Perks of being a wallflower” movie genre. Yep this is like that my darlings.

So, instead of acting like a “babbling bumbling band of baboons” 😛 ( see where I picked that out from). Let me elucidate what this movie entails.

It begins with a beautiful family of three girls & their father. The girls are half Korean & half Caucasian. I adore the diversity along with respect of both cultures which is displayed right from the start <3. Their mother sadly passed away.

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Lara Jean Covey is a sixteen-year-old beautiful “growing into herself” young lady. The bond between these sisters is stunning. They do everything together. Shop, hangout, watch movies – this is what family is all about! Margot is the eldest whose boyfriend Josh, Lara once had a huge crush on. Margot is set to start university in Scotland, most of us knew it was inevitable – yep she breaks up with HOT Josh.

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Although these sisters are immensely close there is a hidden forbidden to tell secret that Lara has kept even from them. A box, concealed very neatly in her wardrobe containing love letters to all the boys she ever loved. It’s all hunky dory till one day Kitty ( the youngest) steals those letters, handing them out to each boy the letter is addressed to (what a cheeky little rat, if that was my sister i’d totally get her back).

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All is unbeknownst to Lara until Peter Kavinsky the hunk approaches her, informing Lara his feelings towards her are platonic. At that precise moment she recognises the pink letter in his clutch & she DIES. Literally faints right there & then.

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Just when Lara believes things cannot get any worse, Josh appear with a letter in his hand. In a completely spontaneous move she kisses Peter, hinting there’s no feelings towards Josh anymore.

Lara’s utmost endeavours and efforts to avoid Josh results in Peter & her devising a contract. She pretends to be his girlfriend, vice versa. But the rules are – No kissing, just cute things such as picking her up for school, watching movies together, holding hands you get the gist don’t you?

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The plan goes pretty well tbh. School mates are believing them to be the “new couple”. Once more Josh is being ignored. Its eating away at Lara that she’s concealing the truth from her sister yet, as months fly by the “fake relationship” progresses. The way Peter looks at Lara – its something else isn’t it <3, & trust me – she’s reciprocating.

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Lara is coaxed into going on the ski trip. Her & Peter share a moment which is short-lived as that cow Genevieve spreads a malicious rumour of the two that Peter doesn’t deny at first. He goes to talk things through however it gets heated between Peter & Josh. Margot (Laras elder sis) is back for the holidays & overhears Peter stating Lara is in love with Josh.

Now the situation is complicated, however it’s not too long till things begin to resolve. Once more heartwarming display of a supporting family <3.

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Lara vents all to Josh, discussing how she once had a crush on him but emotions changed when she began her “Fake relationship”, making her understand how she was suppressing her true feelings for Peter. She realises how he went out of his way to attempt to make her happy. Small things like driving all the way to the store to find her favourite yoghurt drink, buying her favourite snacks, writing her little notes ❤

Image result for to all the boys i loved before movie gif

Image result for to all the boys i loved before movie gif

Huge respect for Josh who told her to not waste her chance, regardless of the apprehension, regardless of the outcome, regardless of the acceptance or rejection- she should just tell him exactly how she felt.

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This end scene – im not going to give it away because you need to see it. Trust me.

oh btw kitty also spills the beans on how she was the one who sent the letters. All’s forgiven.

So, thing is, if you’re looking for some sweet not going to cry movie (or maybe you will cry) then go for this. I loved it, plus it was clear of those dodgy scenes that I usually have to frantically fast forward :’). It’s a whats the word… innocent film! 🙂

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Get outta here 😛




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