Vanity Fair (2018)

The life of the “elites”. Champagne, parties & plenty of pomp. Is what vanity fair entails.

The opening scene was brilliant. It was blimming Michael Palin. I’m sat there like hello gorgeous long time no see. “Enchanté” Michael ❤

Yes my darling.

Vanity Fair depicts typical British society for those who were born into affluent families. Ladies are taught or shall I say, basic manners & way of living is inculcated into the lives of these budding young women at a very refined expensive girls institution.

Becky sharp resides & teaches French at Mrs Pinkerton’s school. There she befriends Amelia a gentle soul from a very wealthy London family. Rebecca was offered a place at this institution because her father taught drawing lessons several years back. There’s a very violent contrast between Amelia & Becky’s family background as Becky was money less, crafty, bold along with immensely strong-headed. Whereas Amelia was more meek, subservient and shy.


Becky: “What are your hopes of it Amelia?

Amelia:  “Im just like any other girl. I want to be married and happy. What about you?

Becky: “I want to make sure tomorrow is better than today…. everyday”.

Amelia’s brother Jos has returned from India. His parents feel it better he marry a girl from a lower rank in society than an Indian or “Maharani”, which is extremely derogatory & demeaning towards ladies from India. Just goes to show her parents mindset. I view you in a contemptuous manner sir!

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Anyhow, a lot occurs in just a week, from Jos falling immensely in love (Christ sake Jos) to leaving without saying goodbye, a nearly marriage proposal is left in shambles. Inevitably Becky is to leave & reluctantly begin her job as a governess.

To her surprise the Crawley’s are not as uninviting as she percieved. The younger of the two Crawley sons is Captain Rawdon, quite the dashing personality along with a looker I must say. There’s this instant attraction between him & Becky.

That’s not Rawdon my dears.

Rawdon is in his very wealthy aunts favour, whom takes up a keen liking to Becky which is finally some positivity in her not so fortunate fate.

Amelia senses a distance between her and her fiancé ( he is most certainly keeping something hidden). And boy do things take a twisty turn when he feels an attraction towards Becky, yes the becky he once considered a lowlife.

Mr Crawley proposes to Becky at which I literally gagged because hes legit 90 or something. EW. For Gods sakes man.

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Rawdon proposes to Becky which results in quite a contentious issue regarding family, status etc. Shocking really, one supposed Rawdon’s aunt to adore the keen little girl however, she’s rather upset regarding the matter –  a pretty kettle of fish isn’t it.

Oh we are in debt but keep smilinggg.

Amelia’s father Mr Sedley owes a great deal of money to Mr Osbourne resulting in his bankrupcy & breaking of their children’s engagement. I found this appalling as George “apparently” loved her. Disgusting RAT!

But there’s something commendable that George does.

” I am in love with Amelia” , and now that her heart is mine you order me to fling it away”.

He forgoes his inheritance, his pocket money, house – all for Amelia. Although, later there are regrets. you little devil. Hardships come their way as they face rejection & destitution. 

Witness Becky, the flirtatious, cunning Becky rise to fame & status amongst the soldiers along with a very sneaky eyed General. George eagerly tries to attract the attention of affluent ladies who turn him down at every attempt.

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Dobbin ohhh Dobbin, I have an immense crush on you. You Loyal soul, you beauty of a human. Why couldnt tous les gens have a soul as stunning as yours? Gosh I am smitten aren’t I.

So that’s 4 episodes down & three more to go. Shall keep you updated mes chers. Napoleon has reached brussels.

Au revoir ❤







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