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Alexander Pushkin – A Nightingale and a Rose

A Nightingale and a Rose


In gardens’ muteness, in spring, in the nights’ mist,
Over a rose sings the nightingale of East.
But doesn’t feel anything nor hear this charming rose,
And to the loving hymn just swings and calmly dozes.
Not in this way you sing for beauty, cold and hard?
Come to your senses, bard, where do you stream your heart?
She does not hear nor feel the poet’s soul, fervent;
You look – she is in bloom, you call – the answer’s absent.


Don’t you love the rhyme scheme in this? It’s half rhyme along with a full rhyme delineating the unsureness of this person. Why is the poet finding it difficult to comprehend if the other can sense what he is feeling? Because the response is not fully reciprocated. It’s as though the nightingale has one job & it does it with no emotion. Could this be a metaphor for another human? See how it ends with “she” and the answers absent? I know everyone has their own interpretation but I assume it could be some sort of rejection? As everything seems more one-sided.

Love you Alexander ❤



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