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PF Chang’s Lahore

PF Chang’s as most of you know is an Asian themed restaurant with their franchise all over the world.

So it finally opened in Lahore & everyone was ecstatic. Let me tell you what I had.

Dynamite shrimps.. who doesn’t love them. It was so good. I love the sauce.

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Then we ordered honey shrimp. Now I love a little sweet in my meal but if you just prefer spice or a main meal with no hint of honey/sugar then go for something else. The Lo mein noodles are great, im not a noodle person but these were light and complimented the shrimp dish perfectly.

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Image may contain: food

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Mongolian beef is, I mean if you’re a beef lover like me.. GO FOR IT. The spicy green beans are beautiful. Really gives a kick to your taste buds.

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

I don’t have a pic of my friends drink which was Shanghai sunrise with hints of ginger. I prefered my drink which was strawberry citrus – not as strong as hers and more fruity.

Image may contain: drink and indoor

So the head chef came up to our table & had a chat it was so lovely. Afterwards he came again & asked us to try dessert, we were absolutely going to pop so we said maybe next time. To which he said, let me buy you a dessert. We said noo that’s too kind of you. Three mins later he returned with this dessert below & we were like he is such a darling. Thankyou for the splendid experience.



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