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Gottfried Wolfram – The Amber Room

Does architecture fascinate you? The gilded walls? The barreled vaults, gothic turrets along with stucco art. Intrigued? 

If there’s one place in Europe that has all of this it’s St. Petersburg.  


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On my bucket list, within the next few years I shall visit Russia. Mums a little apprehensive “Oh M what if you get entangled with the mafia :’) – shes such a cutie” but mark my word, I’m going! So enough about what I want, lemme share avec vous … The amber room.


The Amber Room was often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world valued at US$500 million in modern terms.

Originally the Amber room was planned to be built in Berlin, Germany. However over time Empress Elisabeth decided on it being installed at the Catherine Palace.

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Take a moment to let it sink in. Can you see the gilded panels? I believe real ambers were taken & embedded into the walls, hence it lived upto its name.

It’s incredible how architects create something so beautiful bringing it to life through their colours & sculptures, sheer talent, hats off to you guys! 

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Is this the signet of the Romanovs? I can make out the eagle and badge!

Unfortunately the Amber room suffered a great tragedy. During WWII 

destruction hit St Petersburg, Nazi’s besieged the city & the Amber Room was too large to save. The looting began & much of the treasures were transported to Germany. Ironic isn’t it as that was the initial home intended for it.

Image result for the amber room
Look at that mural, it gives an archaic biblical feel doesn’t it?

Could someone be a dear & let me know if that’s an allegory of some sort?

Till this day the true location of the Amber Room is unknown, forever a mystery. Although I have good news. In 2003, after strenuous efforts & decades of work the room was reconstructed. Architects tried to the best of their abilities to copy the room through pictures & they did a marvellous job. So enjoy the photos I’ll share below & I hope you liked this tiny snippet of history.

Image result for the amber room
Image result for the amber room
Imagine this in candlelight, the reflection of the amber – urgh perfection ❤

Love your prin M ❤

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