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Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – Rima XXIII : For a look

I came across this renown writer whilst perusing the internet for the perfect poem. These exquisite verses go by the name Rima – It’s a series of poems which are delineated in a manner expressing the topics of dream & reasoning along with love & aristocracy.

Let me give a background to this remarkable man:

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Gustavo Bécquer was born in Seville on Feb. 17, 1836. At the age of 11 he was tragically orphaned & was to reside with his Godmother
Doña Manuela Monahay. A well off lady with a considerably vast library. Gustavo spent many hours there studying countless writers & poets. This is most probably where his passion for literature commenced.

In 1852 he began to study at his uncle’s art studio. Gustavo sensed painting was not suited to him, being of a shy, introvert demeanour Bécquer delved into art along with poetry. He Studied folklore & was intrigued by mythology (can you see this displayed in his work?). He took up latin which is known to be the ancient language of scholars.

He associated himself with other young poets. In 1854, against the wishes of his godmother, he went to Madrid in search of literary fame.

But fame was not in his favour, resulting in Bécquer turning to journalism. He translated newspaper articles and wrote literary and theater criticism. – WOAH he was a journalist too. Bravo!

Here comes the love story – Poets always have (as stated by Anne with an E)a tragical romance. In 1860 Bécquer had fallen hopelessly in love with Julia, but the relationship ended bitterly a year later. He then married Casta, with whom he had three children. What I came to learn was the pain, heartache, suffering and anguish he endured through his sorrowful love affair followed by a disastrous marriage which depicted the unsettling mix of emotions in the Rima’s series. He wanted to express what love was, how it encouraged him to write along with the true essence of beauty. How for one who was enamoured by another, for them they would see beauty that would not be in others.


If I could just see you once,
I will give the world to you.

If I could just see you once smiling at me,
I will give the sky to you.

If I could just kiss you once,
What would I give to you. I don’t know…

I will give to you all.
The sun, the moon, the skies, the world.

What is poetry?

What is poetry? You say,
while you peer into my eyes with your blue eyes;
What is poetry? You ask me.
Poetry. You are my poetry, my love!

Merci mon ami ❤

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