Mary Queen of Scots (2019) – “Are you afraid, Because our swords are not just for show.”

So lets see how this movie rolls:

There’s quite a “strange” story regarding Mary Stuart the sole surviving legitimate child of King James V. Get this, she ascended to the throne at 6 days old. Talk about responsibility.

It begins in the year 1561. Mary is the tender age of 19 already a widow to Francis II late king of France. She is the Queen of Scotland seen as a rival and threat to her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England. Mary is Catholic, Elizabeth is Protestant.

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what does one act upon in order to weaken their opponent? A expedient act of deception that strengthens their own claim to the throne. Elizabeth suggest Mary marry an Englishmen.

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Whats quirky about this movie? These ladies are BLIMMING head strong, they know how to fight .. MY GOD!

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Elizabeth sends Robert Dudley as the chosen man to marry Mary, here’s the plot twist, Elizabeth and Robert are besotted with each-other. He is apart of her heart. Both Mary & Robert are reluctant to marry one another. However, Elizabeth contracts the smallpox. Now astute Mary makes the decision of accepting the proposal if she is named heir apparent to Elizabeth. Clever cleverrr!

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Mary Stuart: We are two sisters bound by womanhood. Two princes on the same island. Ruling side by side, we must do so in harmony. And not through a treaty drafted by men lesser than ourselves. I wish us to make a treaty of two queens. I would acknowledge your rightful place on the English throne were you to name me your successor. I hope we might meet in person, that I might embrace you, and we might resolve our destinies.

We have John Knox, a leader of the Scottish reformation along with protestant. He is against Mary from the beginning making it a point to display his form of loathing. Elizabeth in the last moment refuses to let go of her Robert ( awww bless you darling), sending Lord Darnley in his stead. Mary is a genius of a lady realizing this could be a trap however, love is blind.. innitt

Once more turmoil is brought to Elizabeth’s court. The issue is raised that Darnleys marriage to Mary shall elevate the chance of her to the throne. Elizabeth demands Darnley return but Mary outright refuses stating he shall be her husband.

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Love doesn’t last long when Mary discovers Darnley in bed with her secretary and friend Rizzio ( oh dear sweetpea looks like he wasn’t into ladies in the first place 😛 ). She demands he give her a child, when a child is conceived, Mary declares that the child is the “heir to Scotland and England” — which deeply offends the English.

The regent of Scotland Moray is infuriated when Mary disobeys and declines his advice. In-turn he forms a rebellion against her, not only this he conspires to the lords claiming she is an adulteress, resulting in the gruesome murder of her secretary Rizzio. She forgives the gentlemen who committed the heinous crime in order to gain their favor & requests Elizabeth to be godmother of her child. Together, they agree that the child is heir presumptive

Lord Randolph: Moray is only her half brother, madam. I believe his allegiance is fully with us.
Queen Elizabeth I: What proof?
Lord Randolph: He pledges to protect the Protestant Church from Mary.
William Cecil: And yet he has no power to make such a pledge if he is no longer regent.
Lord Randolph: The nobles respect him.
William Cecil: But can he control her?
Robert Dudley: If she is anything like our queen, then she does not yield to a bridle.

Mary banishes her husband from court although repudiates the idea of divorce for the sake of her child. Her adviser Bothwell on the other hand makes a scheme of his own by assassinating Darnely.
Bothwell advises that her council have decided she marry a Scotsman immediately. He forces the reluctant Mary into wedding him.

Due to the resilient Knox & Moray raising rebellions and protesters she abdicates the throne and flees to England.

Learning of Mary’s arrival in England, Elizabeth arranges for a clandestine meeting with her. Mary implores Elizabeth to aid in her gaining her throne back however Elizabeth is disinclined to go to war although she promises a safe exile in England as long as Mary does not aid her enemies.

Mary Stuart: Do not play into their hands. Our enmity is precisely what they hope for. I know your heart has more within it than the men who counsel you.
Queen Elizabeth I: I am more man than woman now. The throne has made me so. But I have no enmity with you.
Queen Elizabeth I: If you still seek my protection, you would do well to watch your words.
Mary Stuart: I will not be scolded by my inferior.
Queen Elizabeth I: Your inferior?
Mary Stuart: I am a Stuart, which gives me greater claim to England than you possess.
Queen Elizabeth I: I was jealous. Your beauty. Your bravery. Your motherhood. You seem to surpass me in every way. But now I see there is no cause for envy. Your gifts are your downfall.

due to Mary’s rather harsh response Elizabeth places her under house arrest. Its not long till Elizabeth discovers evidence displaying Mary conspiring to assassinate her (Gosh the little fighter). Mary’s is summoned for execution.

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There’s this EPIC scene where she rips her cloak to reveal her blood red dress, for she believes herself the martyr.

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The post-script reveals that upon Elizabeth’s death in 1603, James became the first monarch to rule both Scotland & England – she got her way even after dying.

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