Peaky Blinders – Season 5 so far …

“On a gathering storm comes
A tall handsome man
In a dusty black coat with
A red right hand “

Hell yeah, after a hiatus, Cilian Murphy reprises the role of Tommy Shelby and hes back with a bang. Something seems to be troubling the gent. Starting with a traitor in the family.

Michael’s calm demeanour conflicts that of Tommy (Who’s usually perceived as one that “Fixes” everything yet seems to be at war with fixing himself)

Michael who looks pretty dapper in his new attire I must admit, has wed – yes darlings & his wife’s got a bun in the oven (hes having a baby)

Finn bless the chap has grown, attempting in aiding the family by embracing the gang scene innit & even wears a bullet wound for proof. The Shelby’s aim to protect him after losing John as they cannot take the risk with Finn, if anything were to happen it would be utter disaster.

Then emerges Oswald Mosley. A dashing deceptive politician with an agenda he wishes to fulfil, and who better than Tommy to run into for a chat. Oswald wears a demeaning grin which makes one want to punch his face. Lets be honest here, we’re at the point now where Tommy seems exceedingly exhausted, this man is sapping the last ounce of energy from him.

The peaky blinders have been hit with turmoil as the financial crash isn’t helping regarding their sources of income.. it’s 1929 where there was a rise of fascism along with the economic crisis.

Linda & Arthur are having some tough times. TBH I’ve never liked Linda & wouldn’t be surprised if shes conspiring against Tommy!

And Polly will ALWAYS be the QUEEN!

To top that off hes getting dreams, black cats, unfocused images pointing at one deceiver whom many cannot pinpoint as to who? But its the ending of ep 2 that got me thinking.

*********** SPOILER ALERT – DO NOT READ IF NOT SEEN***********

We assumed it was the peaky blinders who ran Birmingham, and to a certain extent yes it was. But things are changing in small heath and that entails those who wish to overthrow the “orders” of the peaky blinders. Who are these guys? …… The Billy Boys!


And when I state they proved their point… TRUST ME they have. Not only have they brutally crucified Aberama Gold’s son – Gold then assumes Johnny dogs involvement, ending in them turning on one another and beating each other black & blue!

So, that’s just 2 episodes so far, lets see what happens next.. Its going to be RAD!

Stay tuned for ep 3 my loves, its going to be INTENSE.

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