Anne with an E – Season 3

As we eagerly awaited the fantastical character to emerge back on screen, Anne finally… Yes FINALLY came with a bang!

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Anne with an E is based on the novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, named Anne of Green Gables, depicting tales of the young orphan girl Anne Shirley.

Those of you who’ve been following this ardently, know already that Anne is most probably the bubbliest outspoken & bold young girl you have ever come across on screen.

The season unfolds with Anne enraptured in the longing to discover more of her lineage, much to Marilla & Mathews dismay. However, with concern towards Anne’s yearning, they both aid in bringing to light the origin of Anne’s family!

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Spring is in full bloom as Easter approaches yet things don’t seem as bright in the Blythe/Lacroix home as Mary’s condition is deteriorating. Although their family now feels complete with the birth of their baby daughter, not all is as it seems.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Now’s an anxious wait for all as Gilbert is forewarned of Mary’s future which seems bleak.

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Season three explores not only the life of Anne but introduces “Ka’kwet” A young Mi’kmaq girl (Mi’kmaq are Indigenous peoples of the Northeastern Woodlands including Native American tribes).

One witnesses the struggles of a young girl of colour. The adjustment into the typical “white-western” society is a task in itself. From understanding their language to customs and ways of life. Ka’kwet eager to adapt, accepts the offer to be sent to a school far from her home. Unfortunately to her surprise it is least to what she expected.

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Throughout we experience tension between acceptance and denial of reality which hits Gilbert & Anne. Taking it to great lengths to understand the truth which is they’re madly, deeply and utterly in love with one another.

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Anne’s cunning expedient in encouraging Gilbert into marrying another only axes her own foot. Resulting in one of my favourite scenes where she finally declares:

” I love him”

Moving on,

Feminism – ooooo a taboo word for sure right there. Although, I love the way its delineated this season in the form of Miss Muriel Stacy. Finding her own footing after the death of her husband she proves all wrong by making a statement. Its OK for women to wear a suit, its ACCEPTABLE for ladies to ride a motorbike. Her go with the flow attitude has always been my motto so I say you go girl!

All great stories must come to an end, the children not so little anymore are now budding adolescents ready to move on in the big world. Plenty of morals are displayed in the series, one which took my notice was Diana’s, her sheer perseverance to go on & educate in the school of her choice was a bold stance knowing the “conventional aristocratic” background of her family. Yet observing her obstinacy resulted in one wanting to grant her a standing ovation.

so once more, all must come to an end. A bittersweet one it was for sure. The music magical, scenic beauty delightful and cinematography outstanding. Anne got her Gilbert and Gilbert got his Anne. Unfortunately with a heavy heart I state Anne with an E shall not return with a new season which is quite devastating. In all the vulgar, violent and indistinguishable series that are being released by the week, this was a breath of fresh air. The purity, innocence and reality of this series is unmatchable to many, other than Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women”. So lets keep our fingers crossed, maybe even legs too for a chance of this fantastical series to make a comeback once more ❤

I leave you with my favourite scene from season 2.

“She’s a redhead, fiery temper.. wonder if I’ll ever see her again” 

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