Barbarians (2020)

Germanic tribes, Roman Legionaries. Battles, Conquests, Warriors, Treason, Sacrifices. Shall I continue?

“Old wolves know when the time has come to leave the pack,
A mans true pride lies in being able to choose his end”.

So it’s a Saturday night, I’m perusing Netflix & BAM, I come across this new historical series. Now its undoubtedly fictionalised, that’s certain, but it harkens back to the era of the Roman invasion of Magna Germania (Large historical region in north central Europe during Roman rule).


The opening scene unfolds as tribal chief Segimer withstands new governor Varus’ demands. Oppression on Germanic tribes was at its peak with high taxes imposed on simple living villagers. Not only this, the Reiks of all tribes reluctantly obliged in offering an “ultimate sacrifice” – To give up their sons as “Tributes” to the Roman army.

Thusnelda, daughter of the nobleman Segestes of the Cherusci tribe invokes retaliation against the legionaries, the people have endured torturous events under the Roman conquest for far too long. Segestes on the other hand withstands the cries of the tribes only to submit himself a puppet to Rome. His subservience leads to a brawl, resulting in a brutal injury to his only son….(He axed his own foot innit).

Thusnelda & her lover take matters into their own hands, cooking up a plot successfully in stealing the eagle of Rome. For those unfamiliar with this term, let me elucidate. The eagle also know as the “Aquila” was a revered symbol for the Roman legionaries. Not only does this symbolise the strength & courage of the army, it carries religious significance. The “Aquila” was to be protected at all costs.

All hell breaks loose, as soldiers attempt their utmost best to retrieve what was looted. Things get exciting darlings! We’re introduced to “Arminius”.

Now conferred with the title of a highly ranked Roman officer, there’s more to this man than just dazzling armour. Arminius was put forward as “Tribute” several years ago, to be trained & raised as a Roman. However, as the tale progresses one witnesses his pull towards the Germanic tribes, a true calling to his people. His home is with the “Barbarians”.

#barbarians from vanz

“Barbarians” evokes memories of a book series I read by Manda Scott. Thusnelda a mirror image of the Boudicca. A warrior princess of the Iceni tribe in Britannia. What’s intriguing about these ladies was their true courage, not a moment of dread in their eyes, prepared to take on all that came their way. These women were first on the battlefield, shieldmaiden to their men & would fight in their stead. Boudicca almost drove Rome out of Britannia. Forming treaties with the Trinovantes along with sworn allegiance from neighbouring tribes. You could call them barbaric – I on the other hand call them FEARLESS!

#netflixedit from Mikael

Moving on, I shan’t ruin this series for those who wish to view it. However I must say I quite enjoyed it. It was short, sweet and to the point. For me, I thoroughly relished each scene of Arminius :P. His struggles between leading a Roman army as well as regaining claim to his Germanic roots; the rightful heir/ chieftain of the tribe.

His strategic planning, fighting along with echoes of conscience bring forth the state he is in, which is a kettle of fish. Bless the babe. And.. erm not to mention his body…not even going to deny – it’s a sight for sore eyes :P.

“Nothing lasts forever, Stars, Trees, Animals, People, Even the Gods. Everything perishes in the end. The wolf will come & the world will burn. The wold will devour the moon. He’ll devour the sun. He’ll devour everything, everything that ever existed. But it’s nothing you need to be scared of.

Everything that begins, ends eventually”.

Do share what you thought of the series mes chers.

Au revoir ❤

————————— SPOILER ALERT BELOW ——————————-

This series revolves around the battle of the Teutoburg. Arminius schemed to destroy three Roman legions whom were under the command of General Varus the man who took him under his wing when Arminius was given as Tribute to Rome. That’s all I’m going to give away. Lets see how it ends shall we my loves?

#netflixedit from Mikael

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