Just Life <3

Hakka Architecture

I was recently looking up different styles of architecture when I came across the Hakka style. Hakka architecture is one that was used by the Hakka Han – who were Chinese living mainly in areas such as  Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan etc.. Hakka is literally translated into – “guest families”. So unlike other countries or…… Continue reading Hakka Architecture

Food <3

Urban Kitchen

Hey guys, so there’s a new restaurant in Lahore appelé “Urban Kitchen” 😛 Anyways, as you are all well aware, I’m a fussy eater – like no jokes. So as I sit there, checking out the menu, there’s some quirky options .. I mean the starters names such as put a ring on it or…… Continue reading Urban Kitchen

Just Life <3

Wounds – Poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

I have been wounded so often and so painfully, dragging my way home at the merest crawl, impaled not only by malicious tongues- one can be wounded even by a petal. And I myself have wounded-quite unwittingly- with casual tenderness while passing by, and later someone felt the pain, it was like walking barefoot over…… Continue reading Wounds – Poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko


I , Tonya

I’ve always seemed captivated by how these figure skaters can jump, glide & be lifted in the air whilst on ice. Seems unreal doesn’t it? Well it’s not an easy task. Recently I came across this movie which is you could call a documentary come comedy style film based on the life of Tonya Harding.…… Continue reading I , Tonya

Clothes, Jewellery, Hair & Accessories

Kate Spade & Moschino

Ok how cute is Kate Spade’s new collection? I mean do I want to walk around with a lobster hanging from the side? HELL YEAH ! I think its super quirky and so ingenuous so have a look. Plus can we ever go wrong when wearing Moschino? ❤  1.Shore Thing lobster leather cross-body bag  -…… Continue reading Kate Spade & Moschino

Just Life <3

Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky was born on 29 July 1817. Renowned as a Russian painter – one of the finest master of marine art. Marine art is basically paintings, drawings sculptures etc which are derived from inspirations & ideas related to the sea. Now Aivazovsky was born at the Black sea port, could this be why he was…… Continue reading Ivan Aivazovsky


Scotland <3

So here’s some tunes from my playlist. Scotland will always be in my heart it was the first place I went to when moving to United Kingdom. Heard these traditional songs a few months back and it brought back such lovely memories of a stunning place ❤ ❤   Lets begin with my favourite Land…… Continue reading Scotland ❤