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Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn – A Historic Love

Right so , you all must have heard of King Henry VIII ? The man with the six wives? Yep that’s him . Well Today I wanted to explain a little about the “Love affair” between him and the beautiful Anne Boleyn. Now I have been obsessed with Henry since longer than¬†I can remember (…… Continue reading Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn – A Historic Love

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Queen Victoria & The Victoria Sponge

So, I wanted todays post to be informative yet amusing to read, hence I decided I would write a little bit about Queen Victoria’s love for food ūüėõ Apparently, Queen Victoria was known¬†to have a¬†very ‚Äúsweet tooth‚ÄĚ and the royal kitchens were kept busy catering to her needs ! Below is a memoir of the…… Continue reading Queen Victoria & The Victoria Sponge

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Nas Daily

  Hey everyone , so a quick post today. I wanted to share with you this persons facebook page because I think that what they are doing is simply brilliant!!     So this is what it’s all about. Nas started up a Facebook page where he uploads 1 minute videos of all the places…… Continue reading Nas Daily

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The undying LoveStory of Tsar Nicholas & Alexandra

Whoever has read the history of the Romanov¬†dynasty¬†knows of the tragic and heart-breaking story¬†of how 300 years of ruling¬†ended with the collapse of an empire and the last Tsar to reign Russia. Many say he was not fit to become Tsar but he himself stated the same ” I am not ready to be Tsar.…… Continue reading The undying LoveStory of Tsar Nicholas & Alexandra

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What is becoming of the world?

Honestly even my hate for politics could not keep me cut off from the news regarding¬†what is happening in the world these past few weeks. First of all , I am so sorry to hear about all those innocent people who have been killed in the Berlin attacks and those helpless, blameless human beings in…… Continue reading What is becoming of the world?

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Junaid Jamshed 1964- dec 7 2016

Today¬†is truly a tragic day for all those who grew up seeing one of the nations most patriotic pop icons of our time. I was at my grandma’s when the news broke of the once music sensation who had been aboard the plane PK661 that crashed flying from Chitral to Islamabad. My father¬†went to the…… Continue reading Junaid Jamshed 1964- dec 7 2016

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ROBERTS – Revival Retro Radio

How I have been longing for the radio trend to come back.. Like in the 90’s when you would take it out with you on the street and sit around with your friends and blast tunes. Or go the skateboard park and … well I’m going on but you know what I mean right? So…… Continue reading ROBERTS – Revival Retro Radio