Sibi Song Ft. Abid Brohi & SomeWhatSuper Rap Song Official Video

 OH I LOVE LOVEE LOVEEEE THIS SONG !! What a beat, the rhythm the pace and the rap is absolutely brilliant. I love the dialect and the accent of the singer it’s so dam fantastic. Listen to the song below and dance to beats of this tune !! Abid Brohi you ROCK !! Tradition + Culture…… Continue reading Sibi Song Ft. Abid Brohi & SomeWhatSuper Rap Song Official Video


Little Mix – Touch

This song is super quirky and I love it. These girls have come a long way since the X – Factor and they deserve it because they are great <3. I love this as it the perfect pop tune and it is blimming infectious.. I cant stop listening to it. This tune is soo upbeat…… Continue reading Little Mix – Touch


Big Bang

I heard this on Vevo a few days back and it’s sooo catchy ! I’m always watching French movies, intrigued with Russian Ballet, take a great interest in Chinese and Japanese samurai/warrior tales and amazed at how King Henry VIII defied the church for his marriage to Anne Boleyn… by now you’ll probably know I am in LOVE with different cultures and their…… Continue reading Big Bang


Little Mix

Little Mix’s new single “Shout out to my EX” is super empowering ! From their upcoming album Glory Days it was first premiered on the X-Factor. Love the quirkiness of the video . “Intrepid” lyrics sang by them making statement However,It’s not too dramatic or OTT. Presenting a message to everyone out there that things like this…… Continue reading Little Mix

Just Life <3 · Music

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Collection

Need to get my hands on these . The yellow and black security hoodies are already out of stock and I’m devoed ! Love his music and Cannot wait to wear one of his shirts ❤ LOVE THIS  


Hailee Steinfeld & Grey – Starving feat. Zedd

Love this song ! Actress Hailee Steinfeld latest single “Starving” featuring Zedd. I absolutely adored her in Romeo & Juliet (2013 film) with the incredibly gorgeous Douglas Booth ..swooon The guitar played in the intro gives the song a relaxed vibe, one which you can listen to when you want to chill <3. However, the beat…… Continue reading Hailee Steinfeld & Grey – Starving feat. Zedd

Movies/Dramas · Music


Hey guys so I came across this song while on youtube (very luckily) and although I don’t really watch Bollywood movies or listen to many of their songs; this one , It was something! So whilst watching the video I was like woahhh this is historical with a modern twist and started reading about the…… Continue reading Mirzya