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What is becoming of the world?

Honestly even my hate for politics could not keep me cut off from the news regarding what is happening in the world these past few weeks. First of all , I am so sorry to hear about all those innocent people who have been killed in the Berlin attacks and those helpless, blameless human beings in…… Continue reading What is becoming of the world?

Just Life <3 · Politics

Protect This World

It’s devastating what’s going on around the world . With what happened in Nice . People only wanted to have a nice day with family and friends  to celebrate Bastille Day which turned into a horrific terror attack. The four frightful attacks that happened in Germany .Within a single week, the country now has experienced four massacres or…… Continue reading Protect This World


Panama Papers

I’m not into politics even though the student advisor told me to take political science – wish I never said yes. But like all of you I was a bit – actually very disturbed after hearing about the panama papers. Tbh I’m just disgusted, those leaders are suppose to be an example to the citizens…… Continue reading Panama Papers