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Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – Rima XXIII : For a look

I came across this renown writer whilst perusing the internet for the perfect poem. These exquisite verses go by the name Rima – It’s a series of poems which are delineated in a manner expressing the topics of dream & reasoning along with love & aristocracy. Let me give a background to this remarkable man:…… Continue reading Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – Rima XXIII : For a look


Les Miserables – BBC ONE

Who doesn’t adore movies & dramas depicting Les Misérables? Well BBC-ONE has brought something splendid to your screens. I’ve watched up-to ep 3 which is halfway through this new adaptation of the renown French historical novel. This is what it entails: Its June 1815, two decades have passed since the twenty years war in France.…… Continue reading Les Miserables – BBC ONE

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Gottfried Wolfram – The Amber Room

Does architecture fascinate you? The gilded walls? The barreled vaults, gothic turrets along with stucco art. Intrigued?  If there’s one place in Europe that has all of this it’s St. Petersburg.       On my bucket list, within the next few years I shall visit Russia. Mums a little apprehensive “Oh M what if…… Continue reading Gottfried Wolfram – The Amber Room


Mein Kampf

Another historical. By now you’re all probs thinking – why isn’t she a historian? I bought this autobiography displaying a tyrant of a man. Literally the most vilest of things. Now I’m sure that you all sometimes wonder, how did he get so far. How did he accomplish something that was & is viewed as…… Continue reading Mein Kampf

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Isaac Levitan

Iscaac Levitan was a renown classical Russian landscape painter, he used the so-called genre of  “mood landscape”. – I’m assuming these are paintings depicting the various moods of a human according to the images. (Please correct me if im wrong). Some artworks which involve religious or fantasy topics use the quality of dim night-light to…… Continue reading Isaac Levitan

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New buys

DUNE Orine leather ankle boots – £130.00 KURT GEIGER LONDON Richmond leather bucket tote – £180.00     DKNY Bryant small leather cross-body bag – £110.00 TOPSHOP Tie waist satin midi dress – £55.00 KITRI Siena ditsy-print crepe tea dress – £125.00 I adore ditsy prints don’t you? Half my wardrobe is full of them.   RAY-BAN RB3545 phantos-frame…… Continue reading New buys


Operation Finale

A friend recently suggested I take a look at this film & I certainly am glad I did. If you have a keen interest in WWII history & those movies based on real life events then this is for you. Operation Finale depicts Israeli spies from the Mossad led by Peter Malkin, who worked together…… Continue reading Operation Finale

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PF Chang’s Lahore

PF Chang’s as most of you know is an Asian themed restaurant with their franchise all over the world. So it finally opened in Lahore & everyone was ecstatic. Let me tell you what I had. Dynamite shrimps.. who doesn’t love them. It was so good. I love the sauce.   Then we ordered honey…… Continue reading PF Chang’s Lahore

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That petal which danced in the wind – MD

To me thee wast that petal, which danced in the wind. ‬ Singled out & transfixed, at unique lines embedded in thy velvet texture, as thee swayed to the rhythm of nature, wast thee truly, destined to cross mine path in a fleeting manner?   Reflection of your sparkle in the sunlight, Shimmering your shades…… Continue reading That petal which danced in the wind – MD


Charlotte Tilbury (2018)

It’s that time of the year. Nearly Christmas, so let me help you out in deciding what to add to your list for santa :’) I’m a fan of Charlotte Tilbury, the eyeshadow the lipsticks and mascara! So here’s some beauty products that are a must buy!   Magic Away Concealer 4ml – £24.00 We…… Continue reading Charlotte Tilbury (2018)