The Exception

This movie is set during WWII . Kaiser Wilhelm is living in a castle far from Berlin. I believe it is in the Netherlands. Now during this time Kaiser Wilhelm had abdicated from his throne hence he was no longer the King of Germany. The German authorities send a soldier named Brandt ( the beautiful…… Continue reading The Exception

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Amelia Earhart

So another history lesson. I love this topic, you know why? Because not only did this lady show her determination to choose her profession in the world of aviation, she proved she was capable of it too! Amelia was born July 24, 1897 in Kansas. She was the daughter of  Samuel “Edwin” Stanton Earhart and…… Continue reading Amelia Earhart

Clothes, Jewellery, Hair & Accessories


Logo wool scarf – £205.00 G3674 round tortoise shell sunglasses – £199.00 (Ladies)   Trademark sterling silver heart pendant necklace – £145.00 Heart-motif sterling silver stud earrings -£125.00 Gucci Bamboo eau de parfum – £49.00           Now men if you’re into watches and perfume ❤ YA126409 G-Timeless Collection stainless steel and…… Continue reading Gucci


Huda Beauty

Huda beauty is literally known by all in the makeup world and here are a few new products at Selfridges worth trying ❤   Huda Beauty – Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition  – £56.00         Liquid Matte Lipstick  – £18.00 Shades: Bombshell, Cheerleader, Famous, Flirt, Gossip Gurl , HeartBreaker, Icon ,…… Continue reading Huda Beauty

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Versailles – Hall of Mirrors & Jules Hardouin-Mansart

I find it immensely fascinating how a human being can have such talent. I mean if you walk across a building, a well-known one and just look at it. You realise that someone actually made that. The measurements, the materials, the design. It’s just an incredible thought. Now after seeing these pictures I had a sort…… Continue reading Versailles – Hall of Mirrors & Jules Hardouin-Mansart


Hailee Steinfeld – Most girls

  I adore this fairly new song. The tune is super catchy with a great message especially for those young girls who have to deal with all whats in the media and how theres this sterotype for a perfect body or basically the “Perfect Girl” . The songs not just stating how most girls are different it also…… Continue reading Hailee Steinfeld – Most girls

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Emily Bronte

Another beautiful poem by my fav ❤ Come, Walk With Me – Poem by Emily Jane Brontë Come, walk with me, There’s only thee To bless my spirit now – We used to love on winter nights To wander through the snow; Can we not woo back old delights? The clouds rush dark and wild…… Continue reading Emily Bronte