The Romanovs – Simon Sebag Montefiore

Apart from my obsession regarding the history of the Tudors, their succession to the throne up untill the six wives of henry VIII, there is another era of history that I take immense interest in – which is about The Romanovs. Now in particular there is one Romanov family that I’m absolutely in love with. They…… Continue reading The Romanovs – Simon Sebag Montefiore

Just Life <3

Gerrit Achterberg

I’ll post the original along with the translated version. I adore this poem as it’s a metaphor for life. Each & every line is ambiguous isn’t it. There’s many interpretations and its open to a lot of views. I feel that this is when life comes to an end. The word “Death” depicts that. Words…… Continue reading Gerrit Achterberg

Just Life <3

World Cup 2018 – Spain V Portugal

So this is one of those times that we football fans look forward to. The world cup! It started off pretty dull though didn’t it. I mean Russia, then we had Egypt. Well done Iran though bless you. Then Uruguay – what was wrong with Suarez. And not to mention Lionel Messi missed… let me…… Continue reading World Cup 2018 – Spain V Portugal


Summer Makeup

Bonjour mes chers, I found some funky summer things one should have! Summer festivals = glitter. I love these IN YOUR DREAMS – Fine Glitter which comes in three shades: Rose Gold, Aqua Trip, Golden Mirage. Its £6 which is pretty cool. So for those going to Ibiza – GET IT.   Then there’s the GUERLAIN…… Continue reading Summer Makeup


New Tunes <3

As you are all aware I love African music. Like A LOT.  And German music, un peu de francais aussi. Oh & how can I forget violin & orchestral music <3. So below are some new tunes and old that I think you will love.   1 – Putzgrilla x Kranium – Be Happy This is…… Continue reading New Tunes ❤


The Handmaids Tale – S1& S2

My friend told me of this series so last year I thought, alright why not start watching it. Let me just say Offrid you are one hell of a strong lady – You Go Girl! Basically the series begins somewhere in the future (not too far off from where we are). Diseases spread across the…… Continue reading The Handmaids Tale – S1& S2

Just Life <3

Hakka Architecture

I was recently looking up different styles of architecture when I came across the Hakka style. Hakka architecture is one that was used by the Hakka Han – who were Chinese living mainly in areas such as  Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan etc.. Hakka is literally translated into – “guest families”. So unlike other countries or…… Continue reading Hakka Architecture