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Olaudah Equiano

Hey everyone, so today is another bitesize history lesson & its a very informative one so I suggest you read after this line.. Equiano was a freed slave who educated himself to write his experiences that inturn led to a profound effect, initiating the process towards the abolition of slavery across Britain and Europe. Equiano was from the,…… Continue reading Olaudah Equiano

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Leon Battista Alberti & Bernardo Rossellino

Leon Battista Alberti   was an Italian writer, humanist, and architect.   Leon was born in 1404 in Genoa. It is unknown who his mother was but his father was a wealthy Florentine who had been exiled from his own city only returning in 1428. Leon was sent to boarding school in Padua, then studied Law at Bologna.…… Continue reading Leon Battista Alberti & Bernardo Rossellino

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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci  was born 15th april 1542.  We all know who this great man was but let me give an insight incase you want to learn more. Leonardo, was an Italian Renaissance .. brace yourself , Polymath ( this is a person who has a vast amount of knowledge and knows many…… Continue reading Leonardo da Vinci

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Royal Palace of Brussels – Tilman François Suys & Alphonse Balat

Isnt it a beautiful thought that these men left a part of their ideas that will last centuries, all that visit will see a creation that was once in another’s mind, brought into existence. Ok I know I’m becoming all ” lets dream” mode but its true 😛 Tilman-François Suys was born on 1 July 1783 Ostend, Austrian…… Continue reading Royal Palace of Brussels – Tilman François Suys & Alphonse Balat

Clothes, Jewellery, Hair & Accessories


I love this brand soo much. It’s perfect for when I go running ! Here’s a few things ladies. Logo-embroidered shell-down puffer jacket – £200.00 Z.N.E. knit-lined jersey hoody – £90.00 Osaka striped jersey polo shirt – £40.00 Trefoil-logo cotton-blend sweatshirt-  £50.00 Trefoil cotton-jersey cropped T-shirt – £23.00 Speckled cotton-jersey T-shirt  – £35.00    …… Continue reading Adidas

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Once People – by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Once people get under my skin, they never find the exit. They romp around, fill my insides with their song and dance, make lots of noise, using my dumbness as their cover-up. I’m full to bursting with wise men and fools- they’ve utterly exhausted me! So much so that my skin’s quite worn through by…… Continue reading Once People – by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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Carlo Maderno & Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Carlo Maderno was born around 1556. He resided in the town of Ticino. Maderno was known to be one of the founders of the baroque architecture ( these are Italian  & roman styled church like buildings along with bold pillars with lots of paintings displaying icons). Carlo’s strenuous job in the marble quarries soon changed in 1588  as he and his 4 brothers…… Continue reading Carlo Maderno & Gian Lorenzo Bernini