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Queen Victoria & The Victoria Sponge

So, I wanted todays post to be informative yet amusing to read, hence I decided I would write a little bit about Queen Victoria’s love for food 😛 Apparently, Queen Victoria was known to have a very “sweet tooth” and the royal kitchens were kept busy catering to her needs ! Below is a memoir of the…… Continue reading Queen Victoria & The Victoria Sponge

Food <3

Rina’s Kitchenette

Everyone is going crazy about Rina’s Kitchenette and I thought It’s a must , So went to her recently opened cafe . I absolutely loved the ambience full of people . There’s soo many desserts to choose from. Me and my friends tried the Nutella caramel which was YUM.   Chocolate bread and butter pudding…… Continue reading Rina’s Kitchenette

Food <3

Cake <3

So In the small amount of free time I got  *life of a student  😥 *  ..  I decided to bake a cake . A huge fan of chocolate but this time I wanted to try something different – Pecan !   Now don’t go judging the pic cos I’m no baker 😛    …… Continue reading Cake ❤