The English Game (2020)

Footie fan? History? Lets blend the two together & voila – We have this 6 part series written by Downtown Abbey creator Julian Fellowes. Shining light onto the origins of football. A blend of facts & fiction. The English Game brings to attention the deprivation faced by the overburdened, poorly paid workers of the cotton…… Continue reading The English Game (2020)

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So it was Wales who scored first … free-kick from atleast 35- 4o yards off . Hart let it slip     So first it was Vardy who scored equalising it for England , calmed us all down a bit – then  a last minute suprise .. Daniel Sturridge was on point , how he got past…… Continue reading ENG VS WAL

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Eng VS Rus

Most probably everyone saw the match yesterday !! Going to keep it sweet .. The First goal Eric Dier curls in a free-kick… Beautiful ! Then … Russia did attack back , my days,  two minutes into four minutes of stoppage time, Berezutski goal ! WELL DONE … But come on England ❤  …… Continue reading Eng VS Rus

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Euro 2016 Fra VS Rom

  I don’t have to say much except that goal was … amazing . Long range goal that curved into the top left corner of the net, it was near to impossible to save . It gave France the 2-1 victory that they needed ❤ . Olivier Giroud scored in the 57th minute however Bogdan…… Continue reading Euro 2016 Fra VS Rom