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Versailles – Hall of Mirrors & Jules Hardouin-Mansart

I find it immensely fascinating how a human being can have such talent. I mean if you walk across a building, a well-known one and just look at it. You realise that someone actually made that. The measurements, the materials, the design. It’s just an incredible thought. Now after seeing these pictures I had a sort…… Continue reading Versailles – Hall of Mirrors & Jules Hardouin-Mansart


Versailles season 2

So if you are all up to date you will know whats happening in season two .However, if you have no clue whatsoever then here is a link to my last post about the series . It will fill you in on everything you did not know .. clickie here ❤ . So this is…… Continue reading Versailles season 2

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Marie Antoinette – Part 2

Right so if you have read the first post about Marie Antoinette you will know exactly what I am going to mention below. FOOD!   Marie was know to be a lover of food. She truly did eat like a queen (at times)  Usually in the mornings, Marie Antoinette chose coffee or hot chocolate (yes girl) accompanied…… Continue reading Marie Antoinette – Part 2

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Marie Antoinette – Part 1

 So, you must have all heard about Marie Antoinette – her famous line? If the people have no bread, Oh dear oh dear Marie, no you didn’t ! She was born in the year 1755 at Hofburg Palace , Vienna. Now what many do not know is that her real birth name was Maria Antonia . Maria was…… Continue reading Marie Antoinette – Part 1

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So first half no goals … Pogba hit the ball like a flipping bullet but it hit the crossbar … Poor Rami was soo determined to get that ball that he kicked the flipping football players head .. ended up getting booked with a yellow 😦 Switzerland was more on the defence as France had…… Continue reading FRA VS SUI

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Euro 2016 Fra VS Rom

  I don’t have to say much except that goal was … amazing . Long range goal that curved into the top left corner of the net, it was near to impossible to save . It gave France the 2-1 victory that they needed ❤ . Olivier Giroud scored in the 57th minute however Bogdan…… Continue reading Euro 2016 Fra VS Rom