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Neuschwanstein – King Ludwig II

Right where do I begin?     So, the Neuschwanstein Castle was constructed in a village named Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. What made the building of this magnificent castle a task was that it was to be on a rugged hill – hence not flat land, very difficult indeed.     King Ludwig…… Continue reading Neuschwanstein – King Ludwig II


Under Sandet / Land Of Mine

This movie is a real eye opener regarding the harsh realities of war. So here’s my explanation & the trailer is right at the bottom 🙂 The movie begins with a scene from after the war. Denmark has finally been liberated from German occupation. A Danish sergeant, Carl Leopold Rasmussen harasses German soldiers who attempt…… Continue reading Under Sandet / Land Of Mine


Deutschland 83

Again something about history however this occurred not long ago. It’s this spy thriller and can I just say .. I have a crush on Martin ❤ So here’s what It’s about: Deutschland 83 is an eight-episode German television series starring  Jonas Nay who plays Martin a 24 year old residing in East Germany. In 1983 he’s…… Continue reading Deutschland 83

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Protect This World

It’s devastating what’s going on around the world . With what happened in Nice . People only wanted to have a nice day with family and friends  to celebrate Bastille Day which turned into a horrific terror attack. The four frightful attacks that happened in Germany .Within a single week, the country now has experienced four massacres or…… Continue reading Protect This World