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The Best – by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When head and heart are busy, say, What better can be found? Who neither loves nor goes astray, Were better under ground. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Is there really any need for an explanation? Goethe states that to be in love, what better thing than that. Ending with, when one is not in love they…… Continue reading The Best – by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Just Life <3

Goethe Poem

THE BLISS OF ABSENCE DRINK, oh youth, joy’s purest ray From thy loved one’s eyes all day, And her image paint at night! Better rule no lover knows, Yet true rapture greater grows, When far sever’d from her sight. Powers eternal, distance, time, Like the might of stars sublime, Gently rock the blood to rest,…… Continue reading Goethe Poem


Young Goethe in love

Hey everyone, so I thought I would share my views on a movie I watched recently. It’s not a movie that was released this year, it was released around about 6-7 years back.Now I’m more of a ” I want to watch the latest movies” but this caught my eye and had been on my…… Continue reading Young Goethe in love