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Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – Rima XXIII : For a look

I came across this renown writer whilst perusing the internet for the perfect poem. These exquisite verses go by the name Rima – It’s a series of poems which are delineated in a manner expressing the topics of dream & reasoning along with love & aristocracy. Let me give a background to this remarkable man:…… Continue reading Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – Rima XXIII : For a look

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Alix & Nicholai – Part 2

Most of us are aware of the heinous crime committed against the last Romanov family and how innocent children were dragged into something that they had nothing to do with. I have written about this before and I will write about it again. Yes, I am in love with the love story between Tsar Nicholas…… Continue reading Alix & Nicholai – Part 2

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Boris Pasternak

Boris Leonidovich Pasternak “Marburg” (1917) “I quivered. I flared up, and then was extinguished. I shook. I had made a proposal – but late, Too late. I was scared, and she had refused me. I pity her tears, am more blessed than a saint.” Pasternak fell in love with Ida Wissotzkaya, a girl from a…… Continue reading Boris Pasternak


Valentines Day

Lads, husbands, etc . etc.. if you have no idea what to get your partner here are a few hints and ideas. SELFRIDGES –   I Heart You Valentine’s Day Beauty Box – £35.00 All these lovely little products have a combined value of around £130 . So the Selfridges Valentine’s Day Cosmetics Collection contains…… Continue reading Valentines Day


Young Goethe in love

Hey everyone, so I thought I would share my views on a movie I watched recently. It’s not a movie that was released this year, it was released around about 6-7 years back.Now I’m more of a ” I want to watch the latest movies” but this caught my eye and had been on my…… Continue reading Young Goethe in love


Old Is Gold – Valentines Day :P

Was going through my Ipod and this song popped up. The thing is it was downloaded by accident when I was syncing Enya songs. Now this is old but it is a TUNE! And it’s about love cos yno Valentines day an all 😛 It’s The Pirates feat Enya, Shola Ama, Naila Boss & Ishani – You Should Really…… Continue reading Old Is Gold – Valentines Day 😛