Naya Pakistan

Phewww blimey what is going awnnn. In all honesty the country’s gone politics crazy haven’t they. You enter a store, overhear someone say “bas hamari vote to Pti” then meeting up with some aunties & hear one exclaim “hum hai sher,SHER”. Someone else stating they will always vote PPP & so forth, etc etc. So,…… Continue reading Naya Pakistan

Food <3

Food, Food , Food

I haven’t done a food post in quite some time , so this entails literally everywhere I’ve been in the past 3 weeks – yep I was finally free this month hence  decided to make up for all the times I couldn’t meet up with friends. Here goes… So Ayesha was like “oh M, I…… Continue reading Food, Food , Food

Just Life <3

Is this .. Pakistan?

So someone who is considering relocating asked me about my experience – here it is 🙂 Since I lived in UK all my life I would often hear of the horrible events taking place back in Pakistan. I had quite a few Pakistani friends who would inform me not to relocate as there would be “Terrorists” everywhere, or better yet…… Continue reading Is this .. Pakistan?

Just Life <3

Lord Mountbatten

Recently I watched a drama regarding the partition of India in 1947. Who conducted this? Who gave the authority and made the final decision? Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten ( what a tongue twister) was born in Windsor on 25 June 1900. He was from a German aristocratic family, the son of Prince Louis of Battenberg…… Continue reading Lord Mountbatten


Viceroys House

Now everyone in Pakistan and India have heard numerous stories and tales from their elders of how a country split into two along with the pain, suffering and willpower of the people. If you want a deeper insight as to why this decision was made I suggest you watch this movie. A viceroy was a…… Continue reading Viceroys House