Elizabeth I

The all new documentary-drama is here and its about Elizabeth I. Everything and anything you want to know are in these episodes. My favourite historians Dr Suzannah Lipscomb & the awesome Cambridge-educated historian Dan Jones are there to explain all that occurred! Not only do they impart a lot of knowledge onto the one who is watching, they…… Continue reading Elizabeth I


The White Princess

Apparently this series is the sequel to the White Queen. If you all remember the White Queen was about the war of the roses. It’s between the house of York and house of Lancaster. Now the White Princess is also based on Philippa Gregory’s book with the same name. This depicts the life of Elizabeth of…… Continue reading The White Princess

Just Life <3

Marie Antoinette – Part 1

 So, you must have all heard about Marie Antoinette – her famous line? If the people have no bread, Oh dear oh dear Marie, no you didn’t ! She was born in the year 1755 at Hofburg Palace , Vienna. Now what many do not know is that her real birth name was Maria Antonia . Maria was…… Continue reading Marie Antoinette – Part 1