Barbarians (2020)

Germanic tribes, Roman Legionaries. Battles, Conquests, Warriors, Treason, Sacrifices. Shall I continue? “Old wolves know when the time has come to leave the pack,A mans true pride lies in being able to choose his end”. So it’s a Saturday night, I’m perusing Netflix & BAM, I come across this new historical series. Now its undoubtedly…… Continue reading Barbarians (2020)


Rome The Art Of War – Manda Scott

Sebastos Pantera the heroic spy returns to Rome at the brink of civil war, in hope of dissuading the legions along with their commanders to betray their loyalty to the treacherous Vitellius & revere the true Emperor Vespasian. One of the most entertaining “Roman” novels I have read – Simon Scarrow. I’m going to rant…… Continue reading Rome The Art Of War – Manda Scott

Just Life <3

Leon Battista Alberti & Bernardo Rossellino

Leon Battista Alberti   was an Italian writer, humanist, and architect.   Leon was born in 1404 in Genoa. It is unknown who his mother was but his father was a wealthy Florentine who had been exiled from his own city only returning in 1428. Leon was sent to boarding school in Padua, then studied Law at Bologna.…… Continue reading Leon Battista Alberti & Bernardo Rossellino

Just Life <3

Constantine the Great

Constantine I was a Roman emperor. Born on 27 February c. 272 till 22nd may 337. Constantine’s father was an officer in the Roman army, part of emperor Aurelian’s imperial bodyguards. Now as his father was a very competent soldier he raised his status through gaining higher ranks awarded by the emperor & his companions.…… Continue reading Constantine the Great


Eagle of the twelfth

So this book is the third in the Rome series by one of my favourite authors M.C. Scott ❤ . Wait somethings different tho, there’s a twist! Eagle of the twelfth is set before the previous novels giving an insight to the famous spy Pantera  before his mission in Britannia but, although Pantera plays a crucial…… Continue reading Eagle of the twelfth