There was a relationship that all in Russia knew of before Nicholas became the last Tsar. A controversial story of a Crown Prince & a Prima ballerina. Was this a platonic love? Or more? How did it begin & finish. This is the movie that explains it all. Mathilde was Prima ballerina of the Imperial…… Continue reading Mathilde

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Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky was born on 29 July 1817. Renowned as a Russian painter – one of the finest master of marine art. Marine art is basically paintings, drawings sculptures etc which are derived from inspirations & ideas related to the sea. Now Aivazovsky was born at the Black sea port, could this be why he was…… Continue reading Ivan Aivazovsky

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Sergei Yesenin – The Night

Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin was born 3 October  1895  was a Russian lyric poet. He was recognised as one of the most popular and well-known Russian poets of the 20th century. Born  to a simple peasant family. Sergei was raised by his grandparents. He began his poetry at the tender age of 9. Theres something dark and mysterious when it comes to…… Continue reading Sergei Yesenin – The Night

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Once People – by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Once people get under my skin, they never find the exit. They romp around, fill my insides with their song and dance, make lots of noise, using my dumbness as their cover-up. I’m full to bursting with wise men and fools- they’ve utterly exhausted me! So much so that my skin’s quite worn through by…… Continue reading Once People – by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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Marco Ruffo and Pietro Solario – Palace of Facets

Pietro Solario was born in Carona, Ticino, he apprenticed under his father Guiniforte Solari, who himself was an architect and sculptor. In 1476, he was hired to continue the construction of the Duomo di Milano. In 1487, he was invited to Russia by Ivan III to construct the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin. Within the next…… Continue reading Marco Ruffo and Pietro Solario – Palace of Facets

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Alix & Nicholai – Part 2

Most of us are aware of the heinous crime committed against the last Romanov family and how innocent children were dragged into something that they had nothing to do with. I have written about this before and I will write about it again. Yes, I am in love with the love story between Tsar Nicholas…… Continue reading Alix & Nicholai – Part 2

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Aloisio da Milano & Aristotele Fioravanti

There is so many magnificent buildings that we pass without even giving it a second glance. I reckon if we stopped a moment and took in each crevice, line and carving we would appreciate how long it must’ve took for a man to create this with their own hands. Aloisio da Milano was an architect…… Continue reading Aloisio da Milano & Aristotele Fioravanti